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Alcohol, mince pies, piles of turkey and roast potatoes… The traditional festive fare is generally anything but healthy, but most of us tend to tuck in anyway and tackle the damage in January. This year why not do away with the need to go on a New Year detox and use a few simple tools as you go through the festive season? 

Factor in daily exercise 

Schedule one workout a day through the Christmas holidays. It’s really simple to do if you plan it. It can be an hour-long walk in the fresh air, a 30-minute online yoga class, or a trip to the gym. We recommend doing this first thing in the morning, shortly after your first coffee as you won’t be able to talk yourself out of it. The endorphins and alone time will help you cope with seasonal stress and you’ll be less tempted to polish off the huge tin of chocolates knowing it will undo your workout efforts.

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Have a smoothie for breakfast 

Start each day for the next few weeks with a green vegetable-based smoothie. Try a handful of spinach or kale with celery sticks, a carrot, one apple, a pinch of turmeric and two cups of filtered water. They take just minutes to make and are a simple way to ensure you’ve had your five-a-day. Buy in a week’s worth of ingredients at once so all that antioxidant packed goodness is starting you in the face every time you open the fridge. 

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Try for one carb free meal for lunch or dinner

We like the idea of having more calories at lunchtime and less in the evening. That way you burn off more throughout the day, and are less likely to be kept awake all night by inflammation. If you want to diet without really dieting at all this festive season, simply pile on the veggies and protein at one or your afternoon or evening meals each day and keep it mostly carb-free. 

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Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate 

If you’re having an alcohol-packed day, or night, keep a bottle of filtered water to hand and drink at least one glass for every glass of alcohol that you consume. 

If you find water boring, we love the trend that’s currently sweeping Holland. They’re going mad for a tea made from several chopped slices of fresh ginger with equal amounts of fresh lemon. Simply pour on hot water and drink when it’s cooled down slightly. It’s super hydrating, anti-inflammatory and will also rev up your metabolism. Perfect as an afternoon or morning pick-me-up.

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Keep the sugary treats for the 25th December only

Refined sugar causes glycation which plays havoc with your skin. Sugar is everywhere at this time of year, whether it’s desserts or huge boxes of chocolates. We like Davina McCall’s tip: She says that she eats whatever she likes on the 25th but sticks to her usual diet and exercise plan on all the other days. 

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Take good care of your skin 

Hydrate your skin with a twice daily routine that you’ll be thanking yourself for come January. Dissolve the day’s dirt and gently exfoliate with Lumity’s 4-in-1 Cleanse, then deliver a potent dose of hydration with Lumity’s Skin Nutrients. Don’t forget to take your Morning and Night supplements (which now come in a new men’s formula) both upon waking and right before you go to sleep. 

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