Patience and skincare: How long before you see results?

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All good things come to those who wait, and that includes great skin. While there are plenty of time saving beauty tricks to help busy women look and feel their best, without patience your complexion could pay the price.

Truly perfect skin can’t be achieved overnight and we know it can be incredibly frustrating when you don’t see results immediately from your products. But maintaining the mantra that ‘patience is key’ will help remind you that long-lasting results are well worth waiting for.

No two skins are the exact same so it makes sense that what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.  Something they all have in common though is that they all thrive on time.

Here’s how long you can expect to wait before you start seeing results with the following common skin conditions.


Acne isn’t just for teenagers, many adults suffer from it too. It can be uncomfortable, impact your self confidence and be persistent too. Treating breakouts can be tricky and time consuming, but whether they’re caused by cystic bumps or clogged pores, you need to stick with the treatment you choose, at least for a little while.

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For oral medication you should wait at least a month before you can expect them to start working and most topical skincare products will want you to use them consistently for around 12 weeks before you decide if they’re working or not.  If after this time you don’t see any change then consult your doctor or dermatologist and they can help you on your way to trying another treatment.

How to treat fine lines?

The fastest way to treat wrinkles and ageing skin is to embrace them. But if you feel your skin has prematurely aged and you want to reduce the fine lines and regain a little of that more youthful glow then Lumity products, both our flagship Day and Night supplements and the Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil are for you. 

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The 2-step supplements are formulated to improve vitality, brain function and energy, but also to nourish your hair, skin and nails from the inside out. To do all that, and more, takes time. 

In a clinical trial, participants saw a marked improvement in their overall wellbeing in just 12 weeks, which out of a lifetime isn’t actually that long. 

As for the 32-ingredient Skin Nutrients Facial Oil? It’s loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential oils which have all been carefully blended to balance the shin’s pH and work with all skin types.

73% of testers saw a reduction in fine lines after 4 weeks and with consistent use, day and night, you can expect smoother, plumper,  healthier skin for the rest of your life.

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Sunspots are flat brown spots which develop on the skin after exposure to the sun. They don’t spring up overnight but they don’t go away in a flash either. Applying Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil may assist due to a number of its ingredients including vitamin C, E and aloe vera.

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It doesn’t matter what treatment you decide to opt for though, there’s one thing you must keep doing! Wear sunscreen. Without proper protection the sunspots will likely return and you will be putting your skin at risk of burning and skin cancer too.


Red and inflamed skin condition rosacea comes in many forms. It can mean you suffer from pustules, redness, inflamed blood vessels or bumps on your skin. Just like the treatment for acne, if it’s oral medication give it at least a month to work and for topical treatments expect two to three months. If you opt for laser treatment you will see an improvement immediately, however remember it’s not a one course fix and you’ll need to revisit for maintenance. 

If you found this article interesting and you’re inspired to stick with your skincare routine a little longer then you might like to pick up the pace in other areas of your life. So why not check out these 5 ways to feel younger and fitter in under one-minute and discover why Lumity is the secret to having it all.

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