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There’s something about early summer mornings that makes you feel fantastic – the beautiful sunrise, the birds cheeping away in the trees and that amazing air of peace before the world gets going. Right now, the sun is rising around 6am. Whether you’re an early bird or not, lighter mornings can put you in a better mood and help you feel more proactive. Why not make use of this extra daylight to fine-tune your morning routine and properly set yourself up for the day ahead?

Try adding these feel-good actions to your mornings…

Head out for a run

Summer is the perfect time of year to take up running or switch your runs to early mornings if you’re a runner already. You can’t beat that getting-away-from-it-all feeling of grabbing your trainers and running along a quiet street, with the warm sun beating down on you. Come winter, early runs are not quite so fun in the dark and cold, so make the most of the morning light while you can. For tips on how to start running and build up your fitness levels, take a look at the NHS website.

Sunrise meditation

Meditation is becoming increasingly popular and a great time to practice it is first thing in the day. Lighter mornings naturally increase your motivation and it’s so much nicer sitting beside a bright window to meditate than a dark and gloomy view.

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To start, find a comfortable spot in your house to sit. Close your eyes and focus solely on your breath. You can count breaths or have simple mantras – whatever helps you focus. Mediation is all about awareness of what your brain is thinking about, so every time you notice your mind has wandered off your breathing or mantra, rein it back in again.

There are huge benefits to meditation early in the morning: it brings you a sense of calm and relaxation to combat stress throughout the day. It is also thought that after around 20 minutes of meditating, your body releases endorphins, giving you and energy boost for the day ahead.

List your day’s intentions

How often do you wake up in the morning with your to-do list racing around your head? Make the most of the brighter hours by organising your day before it starts. Grab a cup of coffee or whatever you like to drink in the morning and sit down with a notepad. You could try writing two lists: one with your jobs for the day in priority order and another with how you wish to approach the day, ie think positively, be grateful, tell family you love them, don’t rush so much. It’s a form of mindfulness that you can draw on during the next 12+ hours.

Finishing the year – and starting the next – with a list of positives is a brilliant way of going into a new year with a fresh mindset.
Start the day by writing a list or two

Take your supplement first thing

You’re up with the sun and feeling great so time to take your Lumity capsules to boost your health and wellness. Lumity is a fantastic daily supplement which benefits your body and mind in numerous ways, from healthy-looking skin and hair to boosting your immune system and energy levels. Your morning dose is formulated with the Vita Complex and also contains vitamins C and E, Selenium and Zinc to help protect your body on a cellular level against oxidative stress.

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Ditch your phone and read

We’re all so used to rushing around getting ready for work or the school run, the thought of engaging in a relaxing hobby at that time of day is an alien concept. Just imagine for a second having an extra hour to yourself before the day starts to do something just for you. With the lighter mornings, it’s possible to carve this time in for yourself each day. You could try going to bed an hour earlier and setting your alarm an hour earlier, say 6am instead of 7am. Keep your phone turned off, grab a good book and sit and read for an hour. You’ll feel so relaxed and happy, setting yourself up for a positive day.

Make a breakfast a big deal

How often do you feel like creating a delicious breakfast on a cold and dark winter morning? Bar warming porridge, it’s likely that creative brekkies take a back seat at that time of year. Well, summer mornings are a whole different story. It’s bright and hot and you actually want to spend time in your kitchen. So how about preparing a breakfast feast with a healthy spread of melon, strawberries, mango and nectarines, for instance – all the fresh fruits that are in season. What a wonderful healthy start to the day.

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