Erika Bloom: A Pilates guru’s top 6 wellness tips

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If you’re going to someone for wellness tips, it may as well be on the world’s top Pilates gurus. Erika Bloom told us her rules for staying healthy and reveals why she believes staying fit is simple. 

Erika Bloom certainly knows her craft: The former professional dancer – who performed with many acclaimed ballet and modern dance companies for almost a decade – has been studying Pilates with the world’s most acclaimed experts and teaching in New York for over fifteen years.

Her Pilates studios are described as high-end wellness destinations, which have proven so popular with her dedicated clientele that she has opened five locations in the United States (four in the New York city area, plus one in Los Angeles) as well as one in the Turks and Caicos.

Clients, which reportedly include pro athletes, dancers and A-list stars, enjoy a full holistic wellness programme when they attend her studios (which are described as high-end luxury minimalist apartments).

Advice is bespoke and tailored for each client’s specific needs; and might include acupuncture, specialised nutrition programmes, yoga and a personalised regimen that will make them feel happier, healthier and more balanced at every age – rather than the focus just on being how they’ll look. (Although it’s a given that they’ll look as good as they feel if they follow Erika’s advice).

We were lucky enough to get some time with Erika, who shared her best wellness tips with us.

Pilates guru tip 1: Do some movement every day

“Do something where you move your body every single day,” says Erika. “You don’t have to do a full workout, but make sure you do some exercise. A great tip is to walk everywhere. It’s amazing for heart health and for your brain and there’s lots of studies which show that walking helps guard against cognitive decline.”

Pilates guru tip 2: Don’t kill yourself when you’re working out

“I walk everywhere and I do three Pilates classes a week and that is all I do, and I’m really toned, but honestly that’s all I do exercise-wise,” Erika reveals. “Exercise doesn’t have to be about killing yourself and hating every minute of a punishing workout. Get your steps in, make sure you take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk up hills when you can and your fitness levels will really improve.”

Pilates guru tip 3: Hydration, hydration, hydration 

“I know that everyone says it, but water is so important. When you’re tired, have a glass of water, when you’re hungry, have a glass of water, often when we are tired or hungry we are just thirsty so have a bottle of water with you and sip it throughout the day. Your skin will be incredible too.”

Pilates guru tip 4: Practice self-care every day 

“Every single day do something that revolves around self-care,” says Erika. “It can be taking an Epsom salt bath, or aromatherapy, but do something that’s about loving and looking after yourself.”

Pilates guru tip 5: Make wellness something you do with family and friends

“I’m a single mom with two kids and 65 employees, so because I am busy I make wellness a part of the things I do with my family and friends. For example, at the weekend I might say to my kids, ‘hey get your scooters’ and they’ll ride while I walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. You can go outside, and do fun things that incorporate wellness into your time with family and friends and everyone enjoys it.”

Pilates guru tip 6: A simple philosophy is best when it comes to diet

“I have a very simple philosophy when it comes to food and what I eat. I avoid anything processed that comes ready made in a packet and eliminate sugars. Think more about the shoulds than the should nots, for example if you say, ‘I should try to have six types of cruciferous veg today’ and prioritise that, it’s far more likely to happen than you doing the opposite and making a list of things that you shouldn’t eat.”


If you’d like to find out more about Erika,  her website is here and you can follow her on Instagram here.




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