Products that turn a bath into a fully-fledged healing experience

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Having a bath can be a positively magical experience by adding a few key products to your bath time beauty regime.

Slipping into a warm bubble bath after long day can feel like pure luxury, but with a few additions to your stress-relieving soak it can be even more idyllic, and healing too.

Epsom salts

If you’ve got sore muscles or just want to relieve a bit of tension then add some Epsom salts to your bath. As well as being a powerful detoxifier the salts will help keep skin smooth and soft. They also help ease water retention and boost your energy levels as well as helping you get a good night’s sleep.


Skin Nutrients Facial Oil

This 32 ingredient botanical wonder isn’t just for your face. Several of Lumity’s top beauty industry insiders have told us that they also use their Lumity Skin Nutrients as an essential bath time item. They simply add a few drops to the water, swirl around and enjoy. It smells heavenly but it will moisturise your skin all over your body by the time you get out of the bath.; You can also use your Skin Nutrients as a luxurious hair masque (you can comb it through from the roots to the ends, massaging gently then sleep it it overnight and shower off in the morning, or apply, relax with a good film for an hour or so and then wash it off in the bath).



A bath can work wonders when you’re feeling a little under the weather and to make it even more of a healing experience add some ginger. It will leave you feeling less congested and help you sweat out toxins. Half a cup of freshly grated ginger or a teaspoon of powder added to your water is all you’ll need. Put any ginger that’s left over in a lovely skin-enhancing mocktail – try our recipe.


Lumity’s 4-in-1 Cleanse

Lie back and let Lumity’s 4-in-1 Cleanse do all the work. The all-natural product doesn’t just cleanse, exfoliate and remove makeup it works as a facial mask too. So you can apply a nourishing layer of the gentle product and leave it on while you relax.

Essential oils

There are a multitude of essential oils and pairings which can benefit you in numerous ways, but if you want to de-stress and drift off easily then a combo of clary sage, cedarwood and sandalwood essential oils can be added to your bath. Alternatively you can opt for lavender oil too.

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You don’t have to save the rose petals for romance, drop some into your bath water with some rose water too as they’re known to be antibacterial, moisturising and anti-inflammatory as well. Plus they smell pretty great and have the stamp of approval from none other than Madonna who calls her bath time her ‘elixir of life wellness ritual’.

Bubble bath

A bath wouldn’t be a bath without a healthy dose of bubbles, but some formulas contain chemicals which can dry your skin out. So instead you could dry whipping up a batch of natural bubble bath yourself using this recipe containing essential oils.


Add a cup of honey to your bath and your skin will feel lovely and silky soft. Honey is a natural healer and has many benefits including the fact it moisturises and soothes dry skin.

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Cleopatra swore by milk baths and her skin was said to be amazing. You don’t need litres of the stuff either, a cup or two of whole milk is ideal, or you can use powdered milk instead. The lactic acid it contains will soften and exfoliate the skin and the fats and proteins help skin hydrate and retain moisture. So a milk bath is particularly good if you suffer with dry skin or a condition like eczema.

A soothing bath can aide a good night’s sleep so if you’re struggling to nod off it might be worth incorporating one into your bedtime routine. If you haven’t established a nighttime regime Lumity has the perfect 8pm – 10pm beauty routine.

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