Professional secrets to glowing skin ahead of Princess Eugenie’s wedding

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As Royal wedding fever strikes again facialist Nichola Joss has shared some simple skin tips for brides-to-be like Princess Eugenie
If you’re getting married you’ll likely have a check list longer than your veil and hopefully prepping your skin to look picture perfect has secured it’s place near the top.


As Royal wedding fever strikes again with Princess Eugenie set to walk down the aisle to marry Jack Brooksbank on October 12 A-list facialist Nichola Joss has shared some simple skin tips for brides-to-be.

From the prep you should do a month in advance to the massage you can have the morning of your nuptials here’s how Nichola works her magic on some of the most famous faces in the world.


What should brides do to prep their skin a month before their wedding?


Sadly perfect skin doesn’t happen overnight but with a little advanced TLC brides like Eugenie can easily work their way towards a healthier complexion.

“A month before the wedding look at daily and nightly massage, cleansing in the morning, toning and applying a facial exfoliating liquid to brighten,” Nichola tells Lumity.

She also advices you stay away from retinols at this point because they may make skin hypersensitive. Oils on the other hand are a great option.

“Oils are amazing for addressing hydration and also re-balancing the skin’s pH levels – adding vitality, bounce and health to the skin.”

Nicola suggests applying an oil in the evening.

“Spend five minutes massaging into the skin using sweeping strokes starting from the centre of the face working outwards and upwards. Address any tension points along the jawline, cheekbones and eye contour area.”


What should brides do to prep their skin a week before their wedding?


As your big day draws closer it’s not just what you do and don’t put on your skin that keeps it looking it’s best, it’s about what you put into your body too.

“It’s important to still avoid retinols, peels, dermabrasion, lasers, steam and hot environments,” says Nichola, but she says it’s also vital to maintain a healthy diet.Eating a healthy, mostly plant-based diet and taking regular skin supplements like Lumity will keep you looking good from the inside and your skin will thank you for it.”


Is your signature facial massage a good fit to have before a big event such as a wedding?


`The run up to a wedding can be stressful and this tension can show on your skin. Luckily Nichola has a signature facial massage she swears works wonders at any time.

“It is perfect just before a big event as it will help with lymphatic drainage, making skin less puffy. It accentuates your facial contours and lifts and tones facial muscles. This relieves any tension in the face that may have built up before the big day.”


What does the facial massage involve and why does it work?


The good news is you don’t need Nichola on hand to do the massage for you, it’s something you can do at home and when you hear all the good it can do why wouldn’t you take the short amount of time to do it.

“It immediately helps to drain toxins, fluids and puffiness,” Nichola explains. “And, facial massage removes tension, stress and heaviness.

“This improves muscle tone, strength and vitality adding youth and bounce whilst adding glow and radiance to the skin tissue.

“This in turn helps to improve tone and texture as well as refining pores, clearing congestion and deeply cleansing skin.


How does Lumity Facial Oil complement a facial massage?


If you’re not sure what product to use for your massage Nichola suggests an oil.

“Lumity Facial Oil goes well with facial massage because of its 32 ingredients that are cleverly blended to balance the skin, you will see an immediate glow after just one usage. Using an oil will encourage you to massage your skin.

“Lumity Facial Oil glides over your skin while you perform your facial massage, it gradually absorbs so your skin feels hydrated and looks radiant. Because it absorbs so well, even though you are using an oil, your skin is never greasy.”


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Lede image courtesy of the Royal Family. 

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