Questions you should ask your doctor in your 50s

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Take your health into your own hands and prepare yourself with the questions you should be asking your doctor as you move into your 50s

Midlife means a few more concerns when it comes to your body so to keep on top of it there are some questions you should be asking your doctor when you hit that 5-0 milestone.

As you age your body changes and there are some things you should be asking your doctor to ensure you stay in tip top shape.

If you’re 50 or approaching it add these questions to your GP checklist and give your body the best chance of living it’s healthiest self.

Am I doing the right sort of exercise?

Being active is so important for your body and your mind, but the sort of exercise you do is important too. You begin to lose muscle mass as you get older and if you want to stay strong then you might want to add some strength exercises to your daily routine. Flexibility also declines but stretching can help you from seizing up too.

Making time to exercise has never been so vital so make sure you’re making them most out of your daily workouts. 

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What can I do to improve my bone health?

Around the age of 50 women lose 0.5 percent of bone density a year. This is because in the run up to the menopause the ovaries produce less estrogen which causes bone cells to break down.

Discussing what you can do to improve your bone health is imperative and a doctor should be able to give you plenty of diet and exercise tips to decrease how quickly your bones decline. 

Do I need a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy helps prevent colon cancer. It might not be a very pleasant procedure but assessing your gut health this way is better than the alternative. Screening begins for most people at 50 but if you have a family history of colon cancer, you smoke, drink heavily or struggle with a digestive disease like Crohn’s you can ask for the procedure sooner.

Why am I gaining weight?

It’s very common for women in their 50s to gain weight around their mid section and not be able to shift it. It’s highly likely to be down to the menopause. You don’t have to just accept it though. Ask your doctor about other symptoms of menopause and get their help in developing a healthy eating and fitness plan to help you.

How healthy is my heart

The risk of cardiovascular disease increases for women in their 50s so getting a grip on your heart health is a must. Talk to your doctor about your overall health and have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. If you have risk factors for heart disease you’ll want to work on reducing them ASAP.

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Do I need immunizations?

Vaccines aren’t just for kids. There are routine immunizations you might have forgotten about getting a booster for and also new ones you that are recommended as you age. 

How can I keep my brain healthy?

You want to stay sharp up top and just as you exercise your body to keep in shape you need to do the same with your brain. Keeping your brain active helps keep you young and asking your doctor for tips to improve memory, foods to stimulate brain growth and keeping blood pressure in check will all help prevent cognitive decline. 

Should I be taking a supplements?

Adding a supplement to your daily routine could help give your body a wellness boost. An all natural supplement like Lumity, which is packed with nourishing ingredients, can help feed your body from the inside out. Discuss supplements with your doctor to see if there are areas of your health which could benefit from taking a supplement. 

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