Questions you should be asking your dermatologist

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Don't leave all the questions to your dermatologist. Go into your skincare appointment knowing what you should be asking them

Everyone’s skin is different but there are some vital questions we should all be asking our dermatologist regardless of whether your skin is oily, dry, pale or acne prone. 

It’s a dermatologist’s job to give you the best skin possible but you don’t just have to kickback and leave the questioning to them. There are some important things you should ask to get the very best out of your skincare appointment too.

Is it ok to go out in the sun?

Perhaps this question seems more fitting for a vampire but actually it’s a very valid question for people take prescription medication for their skin. Some can make our super sensitive to sun and heat so it’s important to ask. Also if you’ve just undergone treatments to your skin check whether sunshine exposure is safe.

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How often should I exfoliate?

Most skin types can benefit from exfoliation but how often and what type of exfoliator you should use depends on your skin. Your dermatologist should be able to guide you towards whether you need small granules or a larger scrub and they will also suggest how regularly you should be practicing it.

What should I be eating?

We’re not suggesting your dermatologist write your weekly meal plan but since what you eat plays such a big  part in your skincare it’s wise to ask them about your diet. Certain foods and food allergies can wreak havoc on your complexion and your dermatologist can help you avoid those. They can also point you in the right direction to the ingredients that will give your skin a healthy boost too.

Should I get a facial?

If you’re feeling like getting pampered or your skin’s looking a little run down then a facial might sound amazing! But not everyone’s skin will actually benefit from this spa treatment so it’s worth asking if it will help or hinder you.

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What ingredients should I be avoiding?

One person’s ultimate beauty product could be another person’s absolute nightmare! Certain ingredients are fantastic for treating acne but applied to dry skin it could make the problem worse. Ask if there are ingredients you should be investing in and which you should be staying well clear of. 

Have my moles or freckles changed?

Moles, especially in places you might not be able to see, can change without you even noticing but they need to be monitored to enable early detection of skin cancer. Even if you regularly check your sun spots, freckles and moles it’s worth having your dermatologist look over them too.

Why am I getting acne?

Some people have suffered from acne all their lives while others might suddenly be experiencing breakouts. But the key to clearing up your skin lies in what’s causing the acne. A dermatologist should be able to narrow down whether it’s being triggered by hormones, diet or stress and help you make a skincare plan to beat it.

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