Recipe: Healthy cranachan for Burns Night

-Jan 24, Caroline Blight, Nutrition -

Yoghurt, oat and raspberry pots

Friday night is a ripe night to celebrate Burns’ Night! The evening itself is held dear in Scotland where the poetry of Robert Burns is celebrated in homes or restaurants with traditional Scottish food and folk music – as well as readings.

Haggis with ‘neeps and tatties’ (turnip and potato) is a traditional main course and classic Scottish cranachan is favourite dessert option. This mix of crunchy oats, cream, whisky and raspberries brings together several Scottish flavours. But here is a healthier take on the pudding which you could even have for breakfast! It’s quick and easy to throw together too so perfect if you are entertaining.


20g salted butter

50g coconut sugar

100g jumbo rolled oats

500ml natural yoghurt

1 tablespoon whisky or a teaspoon vanilla extract

250g fresh raspberries


Place the butter, sugar and oats in a frying pan and stir together over a medium/high heat for around five minutes – until the oats have a crunchy layer and are golden brown. Place to one side to cool. 

Stir the whisky or vanilla into the yoghurt and gently fold in almost all the raspberries and a two-thirds of the rolled oats.

In four whisky tumblers or similar, divide the yoghurt mix and then sprinkle over the remaining oats and raspberries.

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