Tips to remember to take your Lumity morning and night capsules

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If you’re a Lumity client then you’ll know that it can sometimes be hard to remember to take your softgels every morning and before bed. We’ve put together some tips to help you remember. 

It’s important to take both the morning and the bedtime Lumity softgels at the specified time of day. There’s two bottles – one for day and one for night – because there’s different ingredients in each type of softgel, which have been scientifically calibrated to work around the clock. 

If you’re finding it hard to remember your three mocha coloured Lumity capsules in the morning and three of the vanilla capsules right before bed, here’s some of our favourite ideas. 

Set an alarm!

If you can’t remember, set an alarm on your phone. Try 8am for your morning capsules and 11pm for your bedtime capsules – if you take them at those times and also rise and go to bed then, you’ll be close to getting the recommended eight hours per night. 

Keep your Lumity by your toothbrush

If you keep your morning capsules in the bathroom by your toothbrush, and take them after your brush your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed, it’s pretty hard to forget to take them. One of our clients takes hers and then turns the bottle around halfway so she knows that she has taken them. 

Or you could keep your Lumity by your kettle 

Some of our clients keep their morning and night capsules near their kettles. That way when they go to make themselves a coffee in the morning they remember to take their Lumity capsules. Many also drink chamomile tea at night before they go to sleep, so they take their bedtime capsules then. 

Try keeping your Lumity by your bed 

If you like to drink water before you go to sleep and upon rising, then simply keep your morning and night bottles on the table by your bed. 

Or you could use a post-it note as a reminder 

How about a Post-It note on your fridge reminding you to take them? 

If none of the above seem to be helping, simply keep the bottles somewhere you can’t forget about them. One of our clients keeps both her bottles by the salt and pepper shakers on her marble kitchen counter. She says they’re in a place she walks past regularly so it’s a constant reminder. 

Don’t forget to pack your Lumity when you travel! They’re as essential as the rest of your cabin baggage luggage! Try our Travel Collection which has a handy 7-day supply of our three flagship products. 



If you’re using our Skin Nutrients Facial Oil, here’s a fantastic morning and night bespoke Lumity facial massage from Nichola Joss – why not take your morning and night supplements, before you do your Lumity facial massage?

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