Rise of the natural face – Why fillers are officially over and what to do to embrace natural beauty

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For years fillers have been making their mark to plump up skin and pout out lips, but now more and more women are choosing to ditch face changing cosmetic procedures for a natural look – and we know why.

Pro-ageing is in and this means injectables and fillers are making way for confident women to wear their natural beauty with pride.
There’s no doubt that everyone wants to look their best and this has had people turning to quick fixes like fillers. But at the same time beautiful women around them have been sporting an all-natural glow which is completely achievable with the right products and attitude too.

Establish a skincare regime

Injectables and fillers might temporarily eradicate wrinkles by freezing facial muscles or plumping up skin but they can’t give you good skin. That natural glow comes from a consistent skincare regime which is essential to a great looking complexion.
While no two skins are the same and you should find a routine that works for you, Lumity’s all natural products (like Lumity’s 4-in-1 Cleanse, Skin Nutrients Facial Oil and Morning & Night supplements) are formulated to work with most skin types and are gentle enough to use twice a day with amazing results.

Use natural products

If you’ve been used to a little cosmetic enhancements or you have a cabinet of chemical products you swear by then turning to all natural beauty can be daunting – and you may be convinced the products won’t work. You couldn’t be more wrong.
73% of users noticed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after only 4 weeks of using Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil and 92% of women saw an improvement in skin, hair and nails after 12 weeks of using the Lumity Morning & Night Supplements.
These products are all-natural and packed with essential oils, minerals and vitamins – not a chemical in sight – which have been specially formulated to give you a hydrated and well nourished complexion from the inside out and the results are clear, along with your skin.
Harsh chemicals can actually age your skin, strip it of it’s natural oils and create more wrinkles and cause breakouts and skin irritation too.

Add collagen

As you get older the production of collagen and elastin slows down. These are the proteins which help keep skin bouncy, elastic and stop it sagging. When the wrinkles start to show and the skin heads a little south it can be tempting to quickly opt for injectables, but they won’t help cell regeneration and boost collagen.
Instead add more vitamin C to your diet in the form of broccoli, kiwis and strawberries which is absolutely essential for collagen production. Cut down on refined sugar which kills off collagen and up your water intake since collagen and elastin thrive in a healthy environment.

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Facial massage

Meghan Markle’s natural sparkle has got women clambering to discover her skin secrets and the woman who helped give her that glow, A-list facialist Nichola Joss, told Lumity!
She swears by facial massage which you can do from the comfort of your home using Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil and her easy to follow technique.
Nichola’s massage reduces puffiness, tones and lifts the facial muscles and improves lymphatic drainage. All without a needle in sight!

Diet over fillers

How you fuel your body from the inside out has a major impact on your natural beauty. If you have a diet loaded with processed food and refined sugar your skin will look dull and ageing, even if you do have injectables and fillers on a regular basis.
A healthy diet packed with colourful fruits and vegetables, plenty of vitamin C and water will help your skin glow.
Add Lumity Morning & Night Supplements to your healthy lifestyle – which should also include exercise – and you’ll look in the mirror and wonder why you ever considered fillers in the first place.

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Be your best age now

Fine lines and wrinkles are a fact of life and unless you decide to use injectables until the day you die, they will appear. Rather than spending your life trying to rid yourself of the memories your face bears why not try embracing them. Don’t fight to turn back the hands of time and instead do everything you can to look and feel the very best you can for your age, now!

If you enjoyed this article then be inspired by the women who are proof that you can get better with age.

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