Rosacea diet: What to eat and which foods to avoid for calm, happy skin

-Oct 30, Hannah Hargrave, Health -

Brush up on the foods which make your skin happy and the ones which irritate it and you could eat your way to a calmer complexion.

A balanced, healthy diet is important for our bodies to function well and feel fantastic and it’s imperative for our skin too. Various skin conditions can be helped not only by what we put on the skin, but by how we feed it from the inside out as well. 

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With hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffering from skin reddening rosacea, we decided to take a look at the foods which could help ease the condition and the ones which will make it worse. 

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin condition which affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide and makes the skin look overly flushed or red, especially around the cheeks, nose and chin. 

For sufferers it’s particularly hard to handle because there is no cure for this inflammatory skin condition that can also leave skin dry, sore and hard. 

Although there are treatments such as medication, laser and light treatments and of course it’s important to protect your skin from the sun, diet plays a big role too.


Foods which reduce rosacea flare ups

Since rosacea is an inflammation of the skin it makes sense that eating anti-inflammatory foods will reduce the flare ups and balance the immune system.

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Add the following to your diet and see how over time it will go a long way towards making your skin less inflamed and your entire body will benefit too.

 – whole grains

 – fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna

 – leafy greens

 – nuts

 – flax seeds

 – sweet potato

 – tumeric 

 – berries 

 – asparagus

 – fennel

 – green beans

 – melon

 – broccoli and cauliflower

 – lentils

Foods to avoid?

Certain foods are known to trigger rosacea and although it’s not necessarily the exact same for every sufferer, two major triggers are known to be spicy food and alcohol.

Other foods which often cause inflammation are as follows and are well worth limiting:

– dairy products

– hot drinks

– sugar

– fried food

– processed meat

For more information about foods to eat and those to avoid you might like to look at our ultimate anti-inflammatory food pyramid and find out what beauty blogger Lex Gillies says are the secrets to battling her rosacea.

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