Rosie Creager: ‘Life gets better with age’

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One of our favourite things is talking to our clients and hearing what drives and inspires them as well as how they translate the ethos of healthy beauty 24/7 into their every day lives.

Rosie Creager, pictured above left, is one of our clients from London. She shares her health and wellness secrets with us, and reveals why life gets better with age.

Tell us more about yourself. Who you are, what you love, what inspires you every day ?

My name is Rosie Creager and I’m 61. I grew up by the seaside in Devon and now I’m married with two grown up children – I have a son who is 27 and a daughter who is 30 – and I live in London with my husband. I’m inspired by nature and wildlife I love being outside. I will always love the sea. I enjoy painting and do acrylics. I also enjoy gardening. 

Do you feel today is your best age? 

Yes. I don’t believe in looking back. 

Does life get better with age? If so how? 

Yes. I’m more relaxed now. My children are adults so there’s less to think about. And as you get older you worry less about what people think of you. 

What does ‘agelessness’ mean to you?

Grace and serenity. But grace pretty much sums it up. The Queen is someone who I think of as ageless. 

What does beauty mean to you? 

Beauty comes from within. It’s about being kind to others. That’s what is beautiful. 

Which differences have you noticed since taking Lumity’s flagship supplements? 

I have taken Lumity for three years. I really noticed that I was feeling better and that I felt really calm. 

Can you tell us why Lumity’s products are making a difference to your life and wellness/beauty routine?

It’s made a huge difference, I haven’t had a cold for years. Also my skin is so much better, it was a little dry before. 

Which benefits did you notice as each month went by? Did the benefits get better? 

Yes. I can’t imagine life without Lumity now. I’ve noticed lots of little changes as well as bigger ones. I always used to use lip balm but now I don’t ever need it. Lumity works on the skin on your entire body. It’s not just your face. I keep mine by my bed and that’s a good tip for anyone who struggles to remember to take them. 

Tell us about Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil?  How do you use it and when? Which differences have you noticed that it has made to your skin?  

It really suits my skin. I tend to use it more at night but I always get so many compliments that I smell nice. 

Do you have any wellbeing habits that you practice to keep energised and focused?

Yes, I do yoga. I like to stay active and I often go for a walk with my husband in the evenings, especially in summer. 

How do you unwind and relax?

I love to have an Epsom Salt bath and listen to relaxing music. I also like to use a few drops of lavender oil on my pillow before sleeping. 

What else do you do to support inside-out beauty?

I make a fresh juice every morning. I eat and drink in moderation and I cook every evening so i know the ingredients are healthy and nutritious. 

Can you describe your typical day?

I get up, make a juice, go to yoga, come back and have lunch, then I paint or garden. I often have to do hoovering or other chores but I always try to fit in enjoyment and relaxation every day. 

Do you ever treat yourself to a healthy escape and if so where do you go?

I have been on some fantastic yoga retreats. I often go away with my daughter. We’ve been to Champneys which has lovely grounds. I went to Viva Mayr in Austria which is a detox spa. And I went away to a thalassotherapy spa in Tenerife which was divine. Life can be so stressful at times so it’s important to make time to look after yourself and your health and wellbeing whenever you can. 

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