Sarah-Jane Crawford: ‘Age has given me confidence’

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Sarah-Jane Crawford talks to Lumity about her new life in the UK after a stint in the US and why age has made her feel more confident than ever before. 
TV presenter Sarah-Jane Crawford sits down and talks to Lumity about her new life in the UK after a stint in the US and why age has made her feel more confident than ever before. 


For nine years Sarah-Jane Crawford ruled the Radio One and 1xtra airwaves and now she’s returning with a new show on a new station. Her Hits Radio evening slot also means a return to British shores.

For the past few years Sarah Jane, 36, has been dividing her time between the UK and US with TV work in both countries. Now she’s back and far from feeling tied to a role after so many years freelancing, she’s enjoying the stability it brings and hopes it will help her reach her fitness goals more easily. Lumity caught up with a chatty, happy Sarah-Jane to find out more.

So you are a full-time Brit again!

I am but ironically one of the biggest jobs I’ve done on American TV happened when I returned to the UK as I did the coverage of the Royal Wedding for E! channel. It was five hours and went out to 170 countries. That was a brilliant job as I only had to travel an hour down the road!

It must have been hard to commit to living in one place again?

I love the US and love doing things for American TV as it’s a great proposition – I’m a British person of colour so very much an anomaly there which is why it’s fantastic. But it’s good to be back in the UK and it’s so nice now to have this beautiful structure. I feel very privileged.

You must have some great cures for jet lag with all that flying you’ve been doing?

No! You can’t avoid it, especially if you are like me – I can’t sleep even if I have the finest mattress in the world with meditation music playing! I always end up struggling to sleep.

You have modelled for so many magazines? What exercise do you do to keep in shape?

I am so influenced now by Meghan Markle I think I need to take up some yoga as she was a bit of a yoga bunny back in the day – and probably still is. That’s definitely something which is an ambition I haven’t quite executed yet, to become a yoga regular. I love spinning and I’m no stranger to Psycle in London and Soul Cycle in LA. I enjoy barre class, again I don’t frequent as much as I would like to, but I like working those areas like the bum and thighs and core. I love boxing and hitting the pads; I haven’t done that as much as I like to lately but my boyfriend is a boxer!

So more aerobic work outs?

I like stuff which is explosive and aerobic but I also like to do stuff where I feel relaxed afterwards. I’m getting a lot more into daily meditation and stuff. Once I can find a good yoga spot that will tie in quite nicely.

Do you find it easier to make time to work out when you have a strict routine like now with your radio show, or when you are free to make your own timetable?

I can really testify to this because I have had a 9-5 job in one place and also had a TV career here there and everywhere. I had a structure when I was on Radio 1 then three years off doing whatever I wanted and travelling…I really think mentally it’s healthy to have a routine. Yes it’s lovely to be free if you are strict with yourself and give yourself a routine than that’s probably the best balance – you aren’t attached but have structure. Generally speaking when you know you have to be somewhere each week it’s really quite good for you. You can plan and are more productive and effective. It’s good for your mental health to know you have a purpose and are on a weekly mission.

Do you think you have gained confidence with age?

One hundred percent. And I’ve discovered that when you are yourself, that’s when people go crazy for it.


Listen to Sarah Jane Crawford’s evening show on Hits Radio, Monday to Thursday 7-10pm

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