Sciuraglam: The glamorous Instagram celebrating Italian Grandmothers

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Mamma Mia! These Milanese women are amazing. Sciuraglam is an Instagram account celebrating the glamorous grandmas of Milan and it’s quite frankly fabulous.


Move over Real Housewives and make way for these magnificent Milanese ladies. If you’ looking for an Instagram account to get lost in, look no further than Sciuraglam, a social media sensation which very simply showcases the glam grans of the Italian city.

With 126,000 followers –  and counting – Sciuraglam is quickly picking up popularity and it’s easy to see why. But the man behind the camera isn’t a fashion photographer or stylist, he’s a dental student who just thought these beautiful older women should be celebrated.

“I didn’t have a real reason to start it,” Angelo told Vogue of what prompted him to photograph the Sciuras – meaning rich women. “I just fell in love with these iconic women in Milan.”

Angelo began taking photos of the ladies on his phone in December 2016 but didn’t do it for the fame or the glory.

“Nobody knows my real identity apart from some of the women I photograph, and I would love it to stay this way,” he said. “I didn’t start this to be famous. I want the account to be focused on the women, not me.”

The student is from Southern Italy himself and marvelled in the comparison of the ladies in his hometown and those in the Northern city of Milan.

“I used to capture two women at a time, and say, ‘I wish we were them, because they are beautiful, and their lives are so much easier than ours! They go to grocery stores, dressed in Gucci or Prada, and we just go to university!’”

Although he insists it isn’t just the designer labels which make him want to capture them.

“I really can’t describe it, beauty is beauty,” he muses. “And they have to wear something that I would wear if I was a woman.”

Sciuraglam began gaining traction not when the ladies’ themselves noticed they were online but when their nieces and nephews began finding their images.

“In the beginning, I uploaded some without consent, but the family loved them, and we became, sort of, friends.”

When Italian brand consultant Gilda Ambrosio discovered the account his followers increased even more.

“I didn’t think it could have this success,” Angelo admitted. “I didn’t know how people would react to these women”.

Well we for one, love them!



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