Should you be eating more of this delicious fruit that can help you sleep?

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Pineapples don’t just taste amazing it turns out they’ve got some incredible health benefits too.

Don’t let pineapple’s spiky exterior fool you because while it’s rough on the outside, it’s seriously good for you on the inside. So if you’re looking for a late summer fruit to get your teeth around here are a handful of reasons to pick up a pineapple. 

Pineapple is good for the gut

Pineapple is loaded with the inflammation fighting enzyme bromelain  as well as numerous other gut-healing nutrients. Bromelain breaks down proteins and helps aid digestion. In addition pineapples contain a fair amount of fibre known to also help you digest your food with ease. 

Pineapple helps you sleep

A food that can help you sleep – hand it over! Pineapples contain magnesium which has a plethora of benefits including aiding sleep. So if you struggle to drift off at night why not kill your after dinner sugar craving with a bowl of the super sweet stuff.

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Pineapples are antioxidants

Pineapples are a great source of disease-fighting antioxidants and help combat oxidative stress. This means they’re also superstars at reducing the risk of diabetes,heart disease and even some types of cancers. 

Pineapple promotes healing after injury

Once again bromelain comes to the rescue. The enzyme contained in pineapple helps you heal after injury and improve wound healing too. The anti-inflammatory properties of bromelain mean that it can assist in reducing swelling and bruising and if you’re aching like anything after a strenuous bout of exercise then pineapple is your go-to fruit. 

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Pineapple boosts your immune system

Pineapples are loaded with vitamin C, so much so that in just one serving you hit your daily allowance. So if you want to avoid an irritating sickness or you are prone to catching a cold add a little pineapple to your life.

Pineapple hydrates you

Pineapples give watermelon a run for their money on the hydration front and that is saying something! Not only are they a delicious summer snack they are made of mostly H2O – almost 90 percent in fact. 

Alternative ways to eat pineapple

Although it’s delicious as it is there are some other ways you can eat pineapple other than raw.

Try adding chunks to a smoothie, along with coconut water, mint and lime. Perhaps pop it on top of your pizza or even grill a slice to go with your burger. 

Pineapple works with recipes that are sweet and savoury and now you know the health benefits it could serve as a welcome addition to your weekly meal plans. 

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