Simple ways to be happier ASAP

-Aug 20, Jenny Paul , Mind -

While it isn’t simple to feel happy when you’re feeling down and when there’s so much stress in our lives, there are plenty of ways you can boost your joy levels.

Happiness isn’t just about putting a smile on your face, it’s incredibly important for your health and longevity. But with the constraints of modern day life stress seems to be overshadowing happiness in a big way.

If you’re determined to lift your mood and head towards a happy, healthier future then try doing the following. 

10-Minutes of mindfulness

It can be difficult to see all the great things you have if you’re bogged down with the negatives. If you actually take the time to be thankful though, you will likely discover you have a lot more than you thought. Schedule 10-minutes into your day every day to sit down and think about all your blessings and what makes you happy. It could be the cup of tea you just enjoyed, the roof over your head or a hug you received from a loved one. 

Decide to be happy

The more you work at being happy the easier it will be become, but you have to decide you want to be happy first. Believe it or not happiness is a conscious decision, you have to choose to be more positive regardless of what life is throwing at you. So when you feel yourself slipping into a negative mindset immediately try to turn the situation on it’s head and find something good about it. There are almost always lessons to be learned from bad situations.

Make other people happy

You get what you give. If you’re kind to other people they’re more likely to be kind back and that makes you feel good. Even just taking the time to smile at the person ringing up your shopping or holding the door open for someone can make you feel instantly happier. Increasingly the joy you offer to others will ensure you get more in return. 

Get outside

Fresh air does wonders for your mood. Try to fit a brisk daily walk into your routine to get the feel good endorphins flowing. Being outside can help you destress. Take deep breaths to get more oxygen and therefore more of the happy hormone serotonin into your body.

Be social

Meet a friend for a coffee, sit down with your family for a meal or have a girly get together. Creating memories you can look back on with fondness makes you smile. At the time of the event you’ll likely be focusing on your company rather than thinking about your woes too. Ensure it’s face-to-face socialising though. With social media and technology today it can be easy to convince yourself you’ve caught up with a loved one just because you’ve seen their Facebook update!

Boost your happiness with turmeric

Lumity supplements contain turmeric, which has been found by studies to profoundly increase happiness levels. There’s no upper limit on how much you can take each day, but if you don’t like the taste, simply take it in the form of a quality supplement.

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