Simple ways to boost your mood in under 5 minutes

-Aug 14, Hannah Hargrave, Mind -

How to boost your mood

Maybe you wake up in a bad mood or life constantly seems to through you a curve ball, whatever the reason behind your blues here are some tips to help you almost instantly feel more upbeat.

Whether it is mild moodiness or everything is getting you down there are some simple and proven ways to make yourself feel better and they really take barely any effort at all.

Play Music

Listening to upbeat music has been proven to improve your day and boost your spirits. So while you might not be able to listen to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ all day long pressing play on a hit that makes you smile can make you mentally feel better. 

Laugh a lot 

Even if you’re in a terrible mood, switch on an old episode of ‘Friends’ or whatever comedy floats your boat and you won’t be able to hold back the laughter. Since giggling has also been proven to increase dopamine in the brain – the mood enhancing chemical – you’re almost certainly going to put a spring put in your step.

Picture this

Take a peak at photos that bring back fond memories to make yourself smile. Or if your own pictures are too nostalgic a quick internet search can conjure up some fabulous feel good photos.


It doesn’t matter if your moving and shaking looks terrible to anyone else because getting your groove on to your favourite hit releases those feel good endorphins. Dance has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Get some light

Even if it’s raining outside, pull on your wet weather gear and get out into the light for a dose of vitamin D. Any sun exposure – including behind a cloudy sky – can help regulate mood. Many people are deficient in vitamin D which has been linked to depression.

Hello sunshine, hello happiness!

Sniff a lemon

No, we haven’t gone crazy. Studies have shown sniffing the citrus fruit can improve your mood. Smell is connected to our emotional state – theres a reason why essential oils enhance your mood – and the scent of a lemon can reduce levels of stress.


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