Simple ways to feel less tired when you’re a mum

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When you become a parent you expect to be exhausted but often it lasts for years. We've taken a look at ways to beat parental fatigue.

Being a mum is so rewarding but it can be so very tiring! When you become a parent you expect to be exhausted especially during the newborn stage but often exhaustion becomes a way of life rather than just a stage. We’ve taken a look at ways to beat parental fatigue. 

If you’re a parent you’re probably used to feeling tired all the time. And, whilst there’s all kinds of advice right after your baby has been born, where’s the guidance once you’re free of that baby fog? Because what you likely weren’t warned about is that motherhood induced fatigue doesn’t disappear once they’re running around walking and talking. (It can often get worse!).

So if this Mother’s Day you’re feeling like you’ve only been gifted eternal exhaustion make a promise to yourself to try these tips to feel less tired. 

Make Me-Time

We’re not saying you have to disappear to the spa for a pamper session every week – although wouldn’t that be lovely – but make time for yourself. Whether it’s 15-minutes to read your book, indulging in a bubble bath once the kids are in bed, catching with a friend for a coffee or whatever it is you love to do, relinquishing the reigns of motherhood, even just for a few minutes and having me-time will make you feel more relaxed and less tired even if you haven’t had a minute’s extra sleep. 

Sit Down

Sometimes a whole day can go past and you realise you’re bottom has barely touched a surface, other than when it knocked the cupboard door closed as you bent down to empty the dishwasher! Being a mum is a chaotic and calorie burning job so sometimes make a minute to just sit down and do nothing – or something simple! It can be tempting to tear around cleaning up the dinner mess while simultaneously listening to your child read, but the plates can wait. It’s ok to plonk your backside on the couch, take a few deep breaths and reset yourself. 

Exercise even when you feel exhausted

Ok we know we just told you to take a seat but it’s also important to keep active in the form of exercise too. A workout can feel like an almost impossible task in between work and motherhood but you can make time to get active. 

Exercise releases the feel good endorphins and actually makes you feel more alert and alive rather than tired and sluggish. 

If you can’t get to the gym or out for a bike ride or run you can still get a great workout at home using a personal training app.

Fit4mum founder Melissa Lorch is a busy mum of twins and her workouts can easily be broken down to fit into 10 minutes slots throughout the day! “Most people spend longer than that on social media three-times a day” she points out. 

Eat Healthy Food

It can be tempting to eat the kids’ leftovers, gorge on unhealthy snacks or fill up on easy takeaways when you’re busy, but you won’t feel refreshed afterwards. A healthy diet goes a long way to giving you energy. Pass up processed foods for fresh fruits and vegetables and homemade meals and you’ll soon notice a difference in your energy levels.

If you think you don’t have time to cook from fresh check out these healthy eating tips for busy women.

Accept Help

How often do you find yourself saying ‘don’t worry, I’ll do it’? The more you turn down people’s help the less they’ll offer. Relying on someone else to do a job you’ve always taken on yourself might initially be stressful but you’ll likely find they can do it just fine, and save you time and energy in the long run. If you’re kids are old enough too then let them help when it comes to tidying up and simple household chores.  

Get More Sleep

Easier said than done we hear you say, but it’s pretty obvious that the key to feeling less tired is to get more quality sleep.

Several factors can improve your sleep including a better diet, exercise and a nighttime regime that doesn’t involve checking emails two minutes before you shut your eyes or catching up on the latest box set till 2am. 

Lumity Day and Night Supplements are packed with all-natural ingredients to give you the energy and vitality in the daytime and the ability to have a sound, regenerative night’s sleep once the sun goes down. 

Plus a night time facial massage using Lumity Nutrients Skin Facial Oil can reduce tension and send you off to the land of nod with ease. 

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