Six essential summer reads

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Whether you are heading away this summer to spend some time on a beach or just looking for something to read on a bench in your lunch hour, these page turners will have you hooked!

The Secret Hours by Santa Montefiore

Santa Montefiore certainly knows what she’s doing when it comes to ideal summer reading. This time she’s taking us away to Ireland where wealthy American East Coast living Arethusa Clayton has requested her ashes be scattered. Nobody in her family understands why she wanted to be returned to the little village where she had a tough and poor upbringing. But when her daughter Faye travels there to carry out her wish she begins to unlock a mystery about her family and find out why and who her secretive mum left behind all those years ago.

Be the Change by Gina Martin

Campaigning and activism can make a difference – as Gina discovered when back in June 2017, a man took a photo up her skirt at a music festival. She complained to the police and was told this was not a sexual offence so the man would not be charged.

After first feeling despair that the law had let her down, Gina then decided to be the change which was needed and make it happen. Eighteen months later, she had changed the law and made upskirting a criminal offense. Now she wants to pass on her experience and arm us all with the tools and courage to also challenge injustice. Big or small, if you have an issue you are passionate about this book will help you achieve your goal.

Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

It’s one of Reese Witherspoon’s favourite books so we wouldn’t be surprised if her production company doesn’t make it into a series as they did with Big Little Lies. And there’s every reason to love this novel which tells the story of a hugely successful band of the same name. They sell out arenas across America but split in July 1979. Everyone remembers how it happened differently, but Daisy’s ready to tell her version of events. It’s a rock and roll story of drugs, music, fame and love and loosely based on Fleetwood Mac.

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Meant to Be by Lisa Faulkner

When actress and TV presenter Lisa Faulkner learned discovered she was unable to have a biological child it made her reassess everything she had planned for her future. But her Plan B turned out to be unexpected but filled with joy and self-discovery. And it taught her that a family can be built in many ways. Even if you have not found yourself challenged by infertility, her uplifting story and honest, open account will inspire you to build your life on your terms.

I’ll Never Tell by Catherine McKenzie

This atmospheric thriller addresses the harrowing journey of one family’s quest for the truth. Twenty years ago, Amanda Holmes was found bludgeoned in a rowboat at the McAllister family’s Camp Macaw. But when no one is ever arrested for the crime, and the McAllister parents die, their adult children must solve the mystery of her death before they can settle the estate. And you will never expect some of the twists which reveal secrets and lies which have haunted the family leaving devastation in their wake.

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The Carer by Deborah Moggach

When siblings Phoebe and Robert employ a carer called Mandy for their increasingly frail father James, they don’t expect the changes in their dad. He seems happier than ever and they begin to question whether they ever really knew the him. Touching as well as sharp and funny, this book is full of the detailed observations which the writer of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is known for.

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