Skincare expert to the stars Nichola Joss shares her beauty secrets

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It’s officially springtime in the Northern Hemisphere. Which means that our thoughts are turning to an all over body new season beauty makeover after a long winter of cold winds, rain and central heating beating up our skin and hair.

We sat down with Nichola Joss, who is one of London’s most revered skincare experts, and has an A-list client list which includes Scarlett Johansson, Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow – to name just a few.

Nichola’s legendary sculpting inner facials, which involve bespoke lymphatic drainage and contouring techniques, are said to take years off her clients in just one hour and, excitingly, she has just launched a range of diamond earrings in conjunction with high-end jewellers Shen of London as well as a bespoke piercing service.

What’s especially interesting about this is that Nichola has designed a range which gives wearers a natural facelift – because, Nichola tells us, “your eyes are drawn to the diamond which visually makes you look upwards and outwards on the face.”

Read on to find out the other beauty secrets which Nichola shared with us.

What are the treatments you recommend to get red carpet ready — the ones which really work magic and make a visible difference?


“When I do red carpets events such as the Oscars and the Baftas, the treatments which stand out and give immediate results are my bespoke inner facial, which as well as addressing the skin with a blend of essential vitamins and nutrients to give glowing luminosity and radiance, deals with lifting and sculpting the muscle tissue to improve facial contours, relaxing the muscles to give a softer skin,” Nichola tells Lumity.

“The other treatment which works fantastically well is my body sculpting massage. This is a deep tissue lymphatic drainage treatment where two therapists work on your body at the same time improving the energy flow and circulation.

“This de-stresses muscles, which improves the appearance of cellulite and sagging skin, while draining the lymphatic system to remove toxins and excess fluid to give a more toned, sculpted, svelte silhouette.”


What are your favourite hero skin products? the ones which really work? We have seen a lot about oil cleansing and love the idea, but we wondered what you personally use?


“Yes, I use an oil cleanser which removes environmental grime and topical dirt as well as make up, and is also nourishing and balancing for the ski,” says Nichola. “The other thing about a cleansing oil is that if you would like to use an exfoliating product but your skin is a little sensitive, you can use the exfoliator on top of the already applied cleansing oil.

“This will give a more gentle exfoliation and is something than you could do every day – especially in the winter – and will give you that essential radiant glow and brightness.

“My other hero product would always be a night oil elixir; not only will it encourage you to massage your skin to calm and rebalance your energy, but it gives an essential infusion of moisture and nourishment keeping the skin youthful, strong and plump.”


You’re seen as one of THE top skincare experts in the UK. What are your top tips for glowing skin, especially when it’s cold outside and everyone is tired after a long winter?


“Well obviously Lumity’s supplements are essential for me. It’s also really important to massage your skin every single day using a great facial oil; this will increase blood circulation adding essential oxygen and nutrients to help create youthful healthy skin.

“Massage your face in the evening at bedtime to de-stress muscle tissue and also remove toxins. This will improve facial contours and strengthen muscle tissue and improve the tone and texture of the skin.”


We have had a lot of questions recently about how to look after skin on the neck. It’s one area where age really seems to show. Do you have any specialist advice other than wearing scarves?


“I always say take your skincare from your face onto your neck and chest, treating it as one full area. The skin on the neck and the décolleté is very similar to the skin around the eye contours. Make sure you always wear UV protection and it is key to always massage the products into your neck and chest area as this will stimulate blood flow helping to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells encouraging faster cell turnover.”

We LOVE your new collection of diamond earrings for Shen London. The designs are gorgeous. Can you tell us more about that please? — what inspired you and how you came up with those fantastic designs?


“This collaboration was done firstly because of my love of diamonds and my love of the Shen London original collection. The quality and clarity of these British luxury hand finished diamonds was something that led me to think about creating a capsule collection for specifically piercing the ear.

“Noticing a trend in jewellery and piercing whilst travelling between London and New York and desperately looking for somewhere that would pierce with a high grade diamond for myself and not finding anywhere, I decided to offer this service in my pop up spas.

“I worked closely with the Shen London design team to come up with a capsule collection that you would be able to wear in your ear forever with timeless classic designs. It was really important to me to look at where we were placing the piercings on the ear to draw the eye upwards and outwards which gives a natural youthful facelift as your eyes are drawn to the diamond which visually makes you look upwards and outwards on the face.”


The launch was a huge success — are you pleased? Tell us more about the party…


“It was so lovely to be able to share this luxury capsule collection with so many friends and colleagues. We had such a great response to the collection and have a wait list for our bespoke piercing service. I’m really looking forward to designing the next collection!”

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