Smooth out cellulite with this essential oil cocktail

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Smooth out cellulite with this essential oil cocktail
Whilst it’s true that there is no magical remedy to suddenly rid you of dimply skin, this cocktail of essential oils could help smooth the appearance of cellulite and boost circulation too.


Having cellulite isn’t something most women celebrate, but finding a treatment for it that helps smooth “orange peel” skin most certainly is.

But before we divulge the secret recipe it might be worth explaining a little bit more about the condition that affects nearly 90% of women at some point in their lives.


What causes cellulite?


Cellulite occurs when the underlying fat deposits in areas like your stomach, arms and thighs try to push through the connective tissue between the skin.

That tissue – which binds with stubborn toxins – can be weakened by hormones, excess fat, lack of exercise and muscle tone and poor circulation too.


Does cellulite only occur in people who don’t exercise? 


Cellulite strikes females – and some men – from every walk of life. Even celebrities have lumpy bumpy bits. Supermodel Cindy Crawford admits she has it, Reese Witherspoon says it doesn’t concern her one bit and Ashley Graham insists she’s learned to love hers.

It is true that the appearance of cellulite is more noticeable when you have more fat underneath your skin, but just because you’re lean doesn’t mean you are cellulite-free.


Can essential oils combat cellulite?


Rosemary oil fights fluid retention and toxin build up in the tissue.

Fennel oil is fantastic when it comes to fighting cellulite because it’s potent diuretic properties help speed up the elimination of stored waste. It reduces water retention in the tissue and also helps break up the fatty deposits under the surface of the skin.

Geranium oil improves circulation and helps diminish water retention and eliminate toxins.

Grapefruit oil encourages elimination of cellular toxins and treats fluid retention.

Juniper oil is known for it’s detoxifying and cleansing properties.


Ingredients and method for mixing your own skin-smoothing recipe


20 drops rosemary

20 drops fennel

15 drops juniper

15 drops grapefruit

5 drops geranium

20ml sweet almond oil (this is the carrier oil)

Combine your oils in a glass jar or bottle and shake to blend.


How to apply your essential oil blend 


Dry brush your body using upward strokes – you can follow our ‘how to dry brush guide’  – and take a shower. With your skin still slightly damp massage your cellulite oil into your trouble spots using circular motions. Do this daily.

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