Social distancing: How to make the most of more time at home

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Social distancing is no laughing matter, but rather than sit twiddling your thumbs, why not make the most of your time in confinement and tick some things off your to-do list, which you never thought you’d get done?

Before the current global health crisis, if someone told you you’d have to stay home for 14 days you’d have been rubbing your hands together with glee, think of all the TV box sets you could work your way through. 

But staying home to avoid illness has thrown people into a panic and left them wondering ‘what am I going to do while social distancing?’

So, to help you see some positives during a difficult time of confinement, we’ve come up with some things you can do, provided you feel well, to not only keep busy but to feel super productive and uplifted too. 

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Organise your photos

Advances in technology means flipping through a physical photo album has become some what of a novelty, and yet recalling happy, funny and heartwarming memories is one of the simplest ways to boost your spirits. 

No doubt you have a plethora of photos on your digital devices which barely get a look in nowadays. So take this opportunity to sort through them, select some to get print and make a digital photo albums you can treasure. Just looking through them will jog memories of happy times and inspire you to plan a holiday to remember once this crisis is over.

Spring clean

While cleaning isn’t exactly fun, it is satisfying and if you’ve been putting off your spring clean because of your hectic schedule, now is the time to do it. 

Grab the duster, turn up the music and set to work giving your home a deep clean you can be proud of. 

Learn to meditate

If you think meditation isn’t for you, think again! And what better time to prove it than during a time when you need to be calm, collected and you’re quarantined. 

There are an array of different meditation techniques – most of which don’t involve incense – which can help lower stress levels, improve your focus, make you more relaxed and mindful too. 

Start by taking just 10 minutes each morning to lie in bed, shut your eyes and breathe deeply. You can also find guided meditation practices online and there’s a technique to suit everyone, so use the time to find what works. It will help you keep anxiety and waves of worry at bay.  

Spend time with your family

If you’re self-isolated then the likelihood is the rest of your loved ones living under your roof are too. Rather than dreading getting under each other’s feet, cherish the time you have together and make it fun. 

Drag out the board games, create a cinema in your living room and indulge in an afternoon of films. If you have small kids, play hide and seek or get everyone involved in your photo organisation. Before you know it you’ll have spent the whole day laughing and reminiscing over the collection of snaps you have and you’d have spent some quality time together. 

Organise a health retreat – at home

You can’t zip off to a spa for a relaxing mini break, but you can bring the health retreat to you. 

Indulge yourself for a day, with warm bubble baths, homemade foot spas, facial massage, DIY pedicures and maybe even a glass of kombucha which makes a great health boosting alternative to champagne. 

Make your home your sanctuary, and relax. 

Get creative

There’s not a lot of time to unleash your inner creativity nowadays, but getting creative can be a real game changer and it can gobble up a lot of hours too. Make something, bake something, write something, read something. Paint a picture, record a podcast, write a novel if you want to, but keep your brain active and the creative juices flowing. 

Get fit

While you can’t expect to overhaul your fitness game in 14 days, you can kickstart the exercise regime you’ve been meaning to get to, from the comfort of your own home.

You don’t need the gym to get in shape and with the help of fitness apps and online tutorials you can get your heart pumping and pave the way to a healthier future.

Set yourself a daily challenge, whether it’s a 10-minute HIIT workout, a morning yoga routine, a simple strength training routine or all three. Then make sure you do it every single day. By the time you come out of self-isolation you’ll be well on your way to making it a daily habit. 

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Learn a new language

How often have you thought about learning a new language but simply don’t think you have the time? Just as a couple of weeks isn’t enough to transform your body, it’s not enough for you to become fluent in French, but it is a decent amount of time to get started. 

Take small steps to learning a little every day. You can even put your headphones on and submerge yourself in a lesson while you’re doing your spring cleaning. 

Batch cook

Cooking is a great way to clear your mind and stock up the freezer with healthy meals too. While you have the time – and hopefully the ingredients – whip up some recipes you can eat at a later date when you don’t have so much free time on your hands.

If you’re looking for inspiration see how food stylist Caroline Pessin cooks once for the entire week!

Clear out your wardrobe

Sorting out your clothes is always a good way to make space, have a giggle and take up time. If you live with a family, then make it a family affair and if you are by yourself why not FaceTime a friend and go through your wardrobes together. 

Take an online class

This is great opportunity to build on your skill set or try something completely new. Enroll in an online class and finally try that something you’ve been curious about doing your entire life. Even if you’ve not got a clue what you fancy doing, spend some time searching for something which interests you and just do it!

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