Summer glamour! A-list makeup artists share tips for looking your best

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It has been an interesting year, but most of us are managing to leave the house and enjoy what’s left of summer. Don’t forget your makeup though! If you’ve been sticking to the same cosmetic-free routine for the past few months, it might be time to update your look and freshen up your makeup bag in the process.

Who better to turn to than the world’s top makeup artists for inspiration? These guys know all the tricks!

Here’s how to update your makeup for a post lockdown occasion…

Bobbi Brown

Top makeup artist Bobbi, who started world-famous beauty brand Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, knows a thing or two about perfect makeup. She told that the tip to hiding dark under-eye circles is to go all the way to the lash line with a brush. On concealer, she said: “And wherever you’re applying concealer, always tap or press—never rub or wipe. Under-eye concealer is the one makeup thing I do every day.”

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Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte is the A-list’s go-to makeup guru for the big events, like last year’s Met Ball where she was responsible for the glamorous looks of Julianne Moore and Katie Holmes. Charlotte adores her Hollywood Flawless Filter primer product, which is worn under foundation. She reveals: “I’ve used this on so many of my celebrity friends to give them a gorgeous, flawless filter before all the cameras on the red carpet. It’s just like a magic-tech filter on social media.”

Spring is in the air and that means you can start packing away your winter wardrobe, dusting off the cobwebs and giving your makeup bag a spring clean. 
Maybe it’s time to spring clean your makeup bag

Lisa Eldridge

Star makeup artist Lisa has a fantastic tip for achieving the gorgeous smoky eyes we see on celebrities. She likes to press a black powder eyeshadow along dried, black liquid eyeliner with a small brush. She says: “This smokes it beautifully, without taking away any of the punchiness — it’s a trick I use for the red carpet a lot as it photographs well.”

Hung Vanngo

He’s the man behind the makeup of stars like Kendall Jenner and Giselle, regularly crafting mesmerising makeup looks. Hung has certain hues he loves best on women, and we bet you have them in your cosmetics bag already. “I always love bronzy, warm colours that are flattering on every skin tone. In general, most women want to feel healthy, beautiful and sexy, so for me, I think that trend is never going to be out.”

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Hung also believes that prepping the skin is hugely important for makeup to look good, so pay attention to your skincare regime.

Sir John

Beyonce‘s makeup artist Sir John has some excellent practical advice for us too. He says: “I use a cream blush and then I use a powder blush. I use a cream foundation and then I buff a powder foundation on top of it. This duality creates a Teflon face.” The makeup artist even uses the same powder-setting method on eyebrows.

Sir John also preps lips with an anti-wrinkle cream which he reveals creates a smooth canvas. He then uses a lip pencil to fill the lips, followed by a lipstick and gloss of the same shade.

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