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We know we’ve only just hit spring but if you want to have summer ready skin for next season then you should start now. Here's how.

We know we’ve only just hit spring but if you want to have summer ready skin for next season then you should start now.

It’d be lovely to put on a face cream or take a supplement and overnight your skin is transformed, but the reality of great skin is that it takes time and effort. 

Real change doesn’t happen in a heartbeat but if you kickstart this skincare regime now then in three months you could have a positively radiant complexion.

Start Taking Your Supplements

Lumity Day and Nighttime Supplements are packed with all-natural nutrients and minerals to nourish you inside and out. The capsules are taken in the morning and at bedtime and help boost your skin’s health along with your overall wellness.  Lumity recommends clients wait 12 weeks before seeing a marked improvement so if you haven’t already jumped on the Lumity bandwagon do it now!

Improve Your Diet

A balanced diet is imperative for good health which includes your skin’s wellbeing. Cut out the processed foods and sugary snacks which are detrimental to your body and your skin. Instead filll up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Fish like salmon and herring are great for healthy skin as are sunflower seeds and walnuts too.

Use Lumity Nutrients Skin Facial Oil

Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil is a veritable powerhouse when it comes to caring for your skin. Loaded with 32-natural ingredients which work together to works wonders on your complexion. 73% of users noticed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after only 4 weeks so you may not even have to wait until summer for this oil to start working it’s magic.

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Drink More Water

As the warmer weather moves in you’ll want to quench your thirst with a little more H2O but it’s more than just a necessity  to keep you hydrated, it keeps your skin plumped up too. Start introducing more water into your day. If you struggle to drink plain water and miss your sodas try infusing your water with fruit. Making it a gradual process to eliminate sugar filled beverages and up your water intake will make it more manageable.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

If you’re a night owl or just a bad sleeper you skin pays a hefty price. You need beauty sleep to stay on top of your skin health. It might not be easy to reset your circadian rhythm and learn how to get the most out of your zzzz’s but it will be absolutely worth it. 


Don’t wait until summer to apply the SPF. It’s important to wear sunscreen all year round even on a dull day but if you’ve somehow missed the SPF memo it’s not too late. Start applying it every morning to protect your skin in the short and longterm. Help repair and reverse environmental damage that has been done with antioxidants contained in Lumity products too. 

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