Stop hair frizz in a hot and humid climate

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A humid climate can play absolute havoc with your hair, leaving it frizzy and often untameable. But don’t despair because there are some ways you can tame fuzzy locks and get sleeker, smoother more manageable hair. 

Humid conditions make for a hair raising situation for many women because when the cuticle of the hair is open, all that hot air is able to penetrate the shaft and make it frizzy. 

While some might not mind a more poufy look for others it’s a nightmare, especially if you’re not used to it.  Here’s how you can help manage the frizz without spending hours in front of the mirror.

Dry it right

When you jump out of the shower it’s important you don’t grab the first towel in sight and roughly rub your hair to get it dry, as it can cause excessive hair breakage. Curly hair holds a lot of water so you need to remove some of that moisture to avoid extra frizz. The best way to do this is by squeezing the water out of the hair using a towel. Use the softest towel possible, whether that comes in the form of a hair towel or even an old t-shirt. 

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Wear it up

If you simply don’t want to deal with the frizz then the easiest thing you can do is opt for an up do. If you style it while it’s wet you can limit the fly-aways as well. Smooth down your locks with a little Lumity’s Skin Nutrients Facial Oil and that will help keep frizz at bay too. 

Embrace it

If you have naturally curly hair that goes wild with humidity perhaps don’t try to tame it entirely and instead make the most of what you have. 

The same goes for if you have poker straight hair. Don’t chose a humid day to decide you want it curly. 

Amp up your natural hair when you’re faced with humidity.

Don’t over-shampoo

Sticky, hot weather makes you even more keen to keep yourself and your tresses clean but shampooing your hair too often can dry it out by washing away the natural oils which keep your locks moisturised. Try only washing your hair a couple of times a week if it’s prone to frizz and consider just washing the roots to stop the rest of the hair drying out. 

Seal with a serum

Fend off humidity with a serum which can seal the hair and make it much smoother in the process. Often it’s the outer layers of the hair which are most prone to frizz so to help make them lie flat – without decreasing too much volume – invest in a decent hair serum.

Sleep on silk

A silk pillowcase is not only great for your skin but for your hair too. The soft fabric reduces the amount of friction as your head moves around in your sleep. It limits breakage of the hair and will help you wake up with less tangles too. 

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Brazilian blow dry

If you’re venturing to a humid country for a holiday and you’re in a panic over what the state of your hair will be, a Brazilian Blow Dry – also known as a permanent blow dry – could work for you. The process at your hairdressers takes approximately 2-4 hours and costs around £250 but the results last between 2-4 months. It will minimise your frizz and enhance your natural curls, leaving you more time to relax by the pool and making your hair way less work. 

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