How to keeping your skin safe in the sun – according to an expert

-May 16, Hannah Hargrave, Health -

We have turned to the experts to ask for their advice on staying safe in the sun. 

It’s easy to forget just how quickly your skin can get damaged, especially if it’s been hidden beneath layers of thick, winter clothing for months.

And the second we feel warm sun on our faces, we all close our eyes and look skywards – with an almost childlike sense of wonder and glee. Doesn’t it feel lovely soaking up all that natural vitamin D? 

While we know SPF is key in protecting us from the sun’s harmful rays you might like to keep these other sun safety tips in mind before you leap head first onto your lounger.

How to cover up and look chic in the sunshine 

It sounds so simple but while sun exposure is vital for our health and most of us in the northern hemisphere are in need of a vitamin D boost after a long winter, we shouldn’t overdo it.

“Depending on your skin type 10 to 20 minutes of unprotected sunlight is great for our bones, our immunity and our mood,” says health beauty and nutrition consultant Karen Cummings-Palmer. “But then we need to cover up – my favourite way of doing so is with a big hat, long, float-y dress and shades.”

Pucker up and protect your lips 

So your hat is protecting your scalp, your sunglasses shield your eyes and your body is either covered in suncream and/or a cover up, but what about your lips and come to mention it, the tops of your ears and your feet too.

Do not forget those tiny – but oh-so-painful-when-burnt – body parts which often get overlooked. Investing in a tinted lip balm with SPF of at least 15 will give you coverage and a pretty looking pout too.

Eat to beat the heat

It’s not just about what you put on your body to protect it from the sunshine, it’s about what you put in it too. Given that some foods protect against UV damage they might be worth incorporating into your diet.

“Lycopene is a powerhouse when it comes to the sun,” says Karen. “Get a daily dose of this nutrient with a serving of watermelon (add it to cucumber, lime and mint for a really refreshing skin enhancing juice) or ripe tomatoes – particularly if they are cooked.

When it comes to reducing inflammation caused by too much sun exposure my favourite super spice, turmeric, is golden! “

Research your SPF

There are so many sun-screening products on the market that it can be very difficult to choose which one to use. Karen insists “a natural, mineral-based SPF is key”. These products have low toxicity ratings, are gentle on the skin and provide plenty of coverage.

Take a high-end quality supplement

You can also boost you own sun protection from the inside out by taking a quality supplement.

Karen says: “All carotenoids and anti-oxidants will help reduce the harmful effects of the rays and with the optimum balance of vitamins A, C, D, and E as well as selenium and omega 3’s Lumity Morning and Day Supplements have you covered when it comes to getting the nutrients you need.” Just remember, nothing beats a sunscreen when it comes to preventing sun damage and you can’t rely on a supplement for protection against the sun’s harmful rays. 


If after following all our expert advice above, you’re still unfortunate enough to feel the burn, try rubbing some Lumity Facial Oil on the damaged areas to help heal and repair the skin. Also read Alex Light’s beach beauty hacks to discover how to look your best on holiday and get the glow with this Lumity makeup tip.


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