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-Feb 11, Jenny Paul , Health -

Lumity has launched two new vegan super booster supplements. Power On and Restful Nights promise instant targeted results for energy and sleep respectively. These innovative boosters contain high quality functional nutrients for days when life is stressful and you need a helping hand. 

The difference between Lumity super booster and Morning and Night

Lumity’s research scientist and creator Dr Sara Palmer Hussey said: ‘These new boosters work differently to our flagship Morning and Night supplements which support the efficiency of the body’s own ability to slow various ageing processes in the body, such as protecting against oxidative stress, glycation and flagging cellular energy levels, which take time to show results. 

‘The boosters bolster our daily intake of essential nutrients that address more immediate, tangible needs such as metabolism, brain function and immune health.  These levels need to be replenished on a daily basis as they can be depleted by poor lifestyle habits, alcohol consumption and excessive stress. 

‘The two boosters contain scientifically-curated teams of nutrients designed to target vitality, balance, immune health and brain health while supporting healthy skin, hair and nails. Modern life often leaves us feeling overwhelmed, frazzled and under the weather with difficulties relaxing or sleeping. Our boosters rebalance your system and upgrade regenerative processes, so that you don’t feel tired and stressed when you need to look and feel your best. When you need to be focused and on the ball, they support strong mental performance, psychological function and a steady nervous system.’

What does Power On super booster supplement do?

Power On delivers instant energy and is the perfect secret weapon to have up your sleeve for those days when you need the extra edge. Riboflavin, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Vitamin C and Iron reduce tiredness and fatigue when you’re stressed, whilst Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Zinc and Iron support a healthy immune system, and vitamin B6 provides added hormonal balance. Ideal for when you need to be bigger, bolder and brighter whilst feeling calm, balanced and protected, this fast-acting supplement gets to work to give you an instant lift when you’re under pressure.

How does Restful Nights super booster supplement work?

Restful Nights is for those who have trouble sleeping when they’re stressed and feel tired all time as a result. Stress disrupts sleep, this innovative booster counteracts that with the potent adaptogen Holy Basil, plus Pumpkin Seed Oil, Magnesium, Turmeric and Vitamin D3. Restful Nights also supports the nervous system, allowing you to wake after a good night’s rest feeling deeply replenished and restored. A scientifically calibrated team of powerhouse nutrients reduces tiredness and fatigue, maintaining a strong, healthy body and brain. This fast-acting supplement promotes the balance you need to swiftly recover equilibrium when you need it most.

Reviews for Restful Nights super booster

Nataliya Arthur –  I love this product. I sleep better and wake up refreshed (not tired like I used to).

Emily Khan – It took a few days but I definitely sleep much deeper and although still wake up it’s less and get back to sleep much much easier. They’re great. 

Josephine Sterakides – I missed one night and noticed that I didn’t sleep as well, I’m a very bad sleeper but this has helped me, looking forward to taking it for longer and seeing the benefits.

Rosie Creager  – I fall asleep very quickly and deeply. 

James Strong – A great addition to my supplement regimen. Definitely slept better and woke refreshed. 

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