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-Jun 14, Jenny Paul, Nutrition -

The chances are that the weather’s pretty hot where you are at the moment. But even if it isn’t, how could you resist the skin-clearing, metabolism-revving, health-boosting lure of a superfood ice lolly?

Usually, wellness warriors steer clear of ice cream and sorbets because they’re laden with glycation causing refined sugar, calories and – often – artificial colourings. Step forward glow pops – invented by health blogger Liz Moody; these are the perfect healthy frozen snack that you can enjoy at breakfast, lunch, for dessert or in the evening to cool off after a long day.

The genius of glow pops is that they’re basically just healthy frozen smoothies;Liz adds all the health superstars we’ve come to know and love in smoothie form – turmeric, matcha, lucuma, avocado, chia seeds, cacao and so on – whizzes them in a blender,  puts them in lolly moulds, freezes them for roughly four hours, serves, and that is it.

You can’t just put any old smoothie into a lolly mould in the freezer and hope for the best though, as if there’s too much vegetable pulp it won’t freeze properly and you’ll end up with a gloopy mess.

You can buy Liz’s book here if you’re interested (and we really do recommend it) but we have put together a few of our own favourites to get you started:


superfood ice lollies
Delicious, nutritious, low on calories and high on healthiness, these superfood lollies are a summer essential for everyone

The Red Queen 

We have already told you how fabulous watermelon is for your skin, so we have combined it with beetroot and acai berries (Giselle’s favourite cold and flu remedy) to give you a powerhouse of superfood healing and immune-boosting properties, as well as antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids.


• 150g watermelon (a decent sized slice)
• One handful of strawberries
• One handful of raspberries
• 50ml of beetroot juice
• 50ml of apple juice
• 1 tsp acai berry powder

Method: Whizz together in a blender, pour into lolly moulds and freeze overnight. (We find it takes about four hours).

The Green Giant

Remember when Petra Nemcova told us that manuka honey is her favourite beauty secret? Well it’s a brilliant natural sweetener for ice lollies (or any other dish in fact), as well as being anti-bacterial. This lolly is a brilliant way to get kids to eat their greens and with the avocado, kale and banana packs a powerful superfood punch of essential nutrients that are guaranteed to make your skin glow.


• 1 large, ripe avocado
• 1 banana, ripe
• 2 tablespoons spirulina powder
• 1 cup of leafy greens (kale or spinach)
• 1/2 cup manuka honey
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
• 1/4 cup coconut water

Method: Throw it all into a blender, whizz until smooth, pop into your moulds, freeze for four hours – or until frozen – and enjoy!

The Feel Good Superhero

This is one of our absolute favourites. It’s a non-dairy creamy treat that’s bursting with superfoods that are guaranteed to boost your sense of wellbeing. Maca is an adaptogen, which helps the body to adapt to stress but also helps balance your hormones, while mesquite pods are rich in protein.


• 2 cups of almond milk
• 1 tablespoon almond butter or another nut butter of your choice (optional)
• 1 ripe banana
• 1 – 2 pitted medjool dates
• 1 tablespoon maca Powder
• 1 tablespoon cacao Powder
• 1 tablespoon mesquite Powder
• One handful of kale or spinach

Method: Blend the ingredients together and pour into ice lolly moulds and freeze.

The Wonder Woman

This lolly contains glow-boosting vitamin C from the fruit, as well as an antioxidant called bromelain from the pineapple. It also boasts anti-inflammatory turmeric as well as ginger to give it that extra zing.


  • 2 cups of sliced pineapple, fresh or frozen
  • Half a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • One and a half inch of fresh ginger, plus the same amount of fresh turmeric (if you don’t have fresh powder will do). Plus, we like to add a smidge of lucuma powder for added superfood goodness.

Method: Pop it all in a blender, whizz until smooth, pour into your popsicle moulds and enjoy when frozen.


Tips: If you want to be really clever you can layer your lollies, Neapolitan style. You just set aside a bowl of each flavour and gently layer into the moulds one third at a time. You can also drop in some fresh fruit once the mixture is in the moulds; we like to add a superfood if we can and have found that blueberries, sliced kiwi, or goji berries are perfect for this. If you prefer ice cream to lollies, then how about making some full fat coconut milk and chia seed pudding and freezing that with some sliced strawberries over the top? Or you could be really clever and just slice up a watermelon, add ice cream sticks to each slice, freeze and serve.


superfood lolly
Try this watermelon lolly for a blast of skin loving nutrients, all you have to do is slice, add a lolly stick, freeze and serve!



And if that’s not enough of an incentive, don’t forget that ice cold lollies rev up your metabolism which is an easy hack to help melt off a few pounds, whilst enjoying a healthy snack.

Make sure you’re feeding your skin the right nutrients inside and out, whatever the weather. Lumity’s science-backed beauty and wellness range is the perfect all-in-one solution for a year-round glow. 

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