Surprising benefits of an evening workout

-Mar 25, Hannah Hargrave, Fitness -

If you haven't got time to exercise in the day why not spend some of your evening at the gym? We've come up with some reasons it will benefit your health

If your morning workouts have become further and fewer between, it might be time to switch things up and trying exercising in the evening. It comes with surprising perks.

A morning jog, gym session or yoga class is often preferable because it means getting your daily sweat out of the way before the day has really got started. But for some of us squeezing in that all important exercise in the A.M is near on impossible and by the time the evening rolls around all you want to do is curl up on the sofa.

But rather than cracking open another TV box set and convincing yourself tomorrow will be different, why not grab your running shoes and try to make evening exercise work for you? Here are some very good reasons why you won’t regret it.

Does working out in the morning reduce stress?

Exercising in the morning is a great way to give your body and mind an energetic kickstart, but exercising in the evening can help relieve the pressures that have built up throughout the day. Releasing those happy feelings and banishing worry from your mind can put a spring in your step and let you pound away some of your pressures.

Can working out in the morning help you lose weight?

If you get tempted by guilty pleasures in the evening then working out when you would normally be reaching for the biscuit tin, could hugely improve your diet goals because you won’t want to undo all the hard work you’ve just put in at the gym.

Exercising in the evening is a great way to burn calories rather than consuming them. So not only will you be pumped to have worked up a sweat but you’ve avoided overeating as well.

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How evening workouts can make for calmer days

Mornings can be frantic at the best of times so adding a workout to the mix the night before can help you work off steam and calm your mind. It’s a form of active meditation, your body’s busy, leaving your mind free to work through problems. Knowing you don’t have to worry about exercising until later can make the pre-work, school rush that much more manageable. On top of that you can make time for a proper, nutritious breakfast to fuel your day.

The secret to better sleep

When you want to wear your children out for bed you ensure they get plenty of physical activity, and the same goes for adults. While a workout just minutes before attempting to drift off might prove problematic, there’s nothing wrong with exercising in the evening and leaving a couple of hours before hitting the hay. In fact it might just help you sleep better.

No need to worry about post-gym make up!

A post workout glow is great but not if you have to go to work feeling sweaty.

An evening workout means you won’t have to get ready for work in a locker room and you can benefit from a post workout sauna and go home barefaced and make up free!

How to drink less alcohol

If an evening tipple often leads to another and one more for bed then taking yourself off to the gym instead could give your liver a break. Once you get home from a calorie burning workout you’re more likely to reach for a bottle of water rather than a bottle of wine to wash down the dinner you’ve been working up an appetite for.

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