Susan Townsend: ‘I’ve never felt more confident’

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Susan Townsend is a home stylist and professional organiser, helping people to get organised before or after they move house as well as detoxing wardrobes and giving homes a new lease of life. As a former model and professional floral designer she has traveled the globe endlessly and moved house and home 14 times, internationally 5 times and between continents 4 times! Working with shipping and moving companies and applying what she has learned first hand, she has helped and organised other people’s moves and masterminded several senior moves for parents of friends and relatives. We spoke to her about what inspires her.

We’d love to know more about your background and how you came to work in your current role – organising homes. What are your tips for those of us whose homes are cluttered? Where do we start? 

I think it’s important to get everything out of cupboards, wardrobes and other units. You need to be able to see everything before you can sort through and put things away again in a neat fashion. I know it can seem daunting at first but once you start you will be eager to keep going. I tend to start with the kitchen as it’s the place where most people spend their time so it will make a big impact on everyday life quite quickly. 

What inspires you every single day?

I know it sounds corny but after reading The Art of Happiness by The Dalai Lama I’ve really tried to make a conscious effort to be inspired by everyday tasks like folding laundry, putting clothes away or cleaning my kitchen. It’s so easy to be bored by those trivial things but you can take pride in doing them well and feel the pleasure of having done it when everything is clean and tidy for you to enjoy. 

What are your five non-negotiable holy grail skincare products?

Micellar Water for removing makeup, Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil twice a day, The Ordinary Retinol, UKLash serum (for thick long lashes the natural way) and my Aveda Shampoo. 

How do you adapt your wellness routine when you travel? 

I try to stay well hydrated and bring all my goodies in smaller bottles, so I still have all my favourite things with me. 

What is your favourite daily healthy beauty habit? 

Going for a walk with my dog and breathing in the fresh country air. 

Did you have to face any obstacles when starting your career?

I think it was just trying to convince people that what I was doing had a purpose. So many people would say that it was extravagant to have someone come in and ‘tidy and organise’ but it actually goes much deeper than that. It can be a life changing experience to change your ways and to live with order. Your living space should be your sanctuary, not somewhere that stresses you out. 

What do you do every day to keep yourself feeling vibrant?

I try to exercise every day and if I can surround myself with people who make me laugh then that’s an added bonus. 

What would be your best overall piece of advice for life? 

Be as kind to people as you would want them to be to you, you never know what they’re going through… 

How do you unwind and relax?

I’m a total box set fanatic. Nothing more relaxing than watching a good show with my dog on my lap. 

What is your favourite healthy dish? 

I love a Hawaiian Poke Bowl with salmon sashimi and loads of edamame beans.  

Are there any health or beauty trends that you completely disagree with and if so, why?

I really don’t like the thought of micro needling. It freaks me out. I don’t see why poking holes in your skin is beneficial. 

What do you find is the most common skincare concern that your clients struggle with?

Dry skin mainly. I don’t think that central heating and too much sun helps. 

What does ‘agelessness’ mean to you? 

I just try to look my best as I get older and to keep my skin looking as clear as possible. Too much makeup I find really ages people. I also try to dress appropriately. Not necessarily ‘older’ but definitely appropriate. I don’t like the mutton dressed as lamb look. 

Is your best age now?

Without a doubt. I’ve never been happier in my skin and more confident. I’m nearly 50 and looking forward to the next decade. 

Do you use Lumity’s products and what have you noticed?

I absolutely LOVE the Lumity oil. I use it twice a day and sometimes a third time for a pick me up when I get home from work. I have been taking the supplements for 4 months now and they keep me energised throughout the day. Just received the cleanser and it’s fantastic. It smells amazing and really gives you a good thorough clean but without drying your skin out which a lot of cleansers can do. 

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