Susanna Reid: ‘Getting older is a good thing’

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Susanna Reid celebrates her 48th birthday and it looks like she has the greatest gift of all – the ability to turn back the clock and feel better than ever!

Susanna Reid celebrates her 48th birthday this week and frankly it looks like she has the greatest gift of all – the ability to turn back the clock and look better than ever! There’s no doubt since the summer Susanna, who is mum to sons Sam, 16, Finn, 14 and 13 year-old Jack, has a confident spring in her step.

It could be partly thanks to her rumoured romance with Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish, but we also think that it’s got more to do with the changes Susanna has made to her lifestyle and outlook on life. And, she is not afraid of the number of candles on the cake. “Age is to be welcomed and a blessing,” she says. “It is a good thing to get older, isn’t it? Consider the alternative…”

We were dying too find out more about the secrets behind Susanna, who is pictured below, and her new healthy life-over.





She’s ditched alcohol


This year, Susanna decided to do ‘dry September’ and was pleased with not just how much weight she lost but also how she felt too. When her doctor told her she was at the top end of her BMI and she needed to lose some pounds, Susanna decided that an evening tipple was the easiest thing to eliminate from her diet. “It was a combination of factors, but a doctor said I was at the top end of my BMI,” she explains. “He said it might benefit me if I lost a little weight.”

Like many of us, Susanna found that cutting out the empty calories of alcohol gave her an almost instant result.”When you cut alcohol out that is an easy couple of pounds,” she says. But within a couple months, she realised it wasn’t just her waistline which benefitted from the change in lifestyle. “As you get older, your memory is affected. I just thought ‘alcohol is not great for your memory.'”

But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t got cravings for a drink now and then. Susanna confesses she does miss drinking, especially with her friends on a night out, “I really miss it. When you are in a big social group and the shots come out, I miss letting my hair down.” But so far it’s not been enough to tempt her back from her teetotal ways.


Susanna’s carbs are unrefined


Although waking up way before the sun has risen to anchor ITV’s flagship morning TV show would have us reaching for all the croissants on offer in the green room, Susanna is reaching for the fruit bowl instead as she restricts her carb intake to the healthy, unrefined kind. “I’ve cut out a lot of processed carbohydrate,” she says. “But you do get a lot of carbohydrates from eating your fruit and veg. So as long as you can do it in a way that you don’t feel like you’re denying yourself something crucial.”

But, that’s not to say she doesn’t wish she could indulge in some white toast or pastries sometime. “I try to eat well, although it would be easy not to,” she explains. “The tiredness you experience from the early starts on Good Morning Britain makes you crave sugary carbs and you could make the mistake of constant snacking.”


Snacks are a no-go now


As well as cutting out alcohol, Susanna is avoiding snacking between meals but she’s the first to admit that’s a challenge. “It’s not just cutting out the alcohol that’s done it; it’s cutting out eating between meals,” says Susanna. “Which can be tricky when you’re up at 4am and grabbing calories to keep going.” Instead, she’ll hold out and then make a healthy meal when she comes off air. “When I go home, I could say, ‘I’m starving,’ and eat half a packet of Rich Teas. Instead, I toast a bit of rye bread and have it with poached egg and avocado.” Great choice!

She’s varying her exercise


Sticking to the same old exercise routine is the enemy of progress so Susanna makes sure she mixes it up to both keep her interested and also keep her fit. “I like to keep my fitness levels high, but I’m not committed to one form of exercise,” she says. “Sometimes I’m a Zumba fiend, other times I’ve been passionate about running.” It’s certainly working and Susanna has demonstrated her fitness levels during two marathons.

“I come off-air at 8.30, then get home to Balham by about 10am. I have my lunch, then get into bed for a nap before the gym at 1pm,” she says. Phew, we feel exhausted just thinking about that morning!

Interestingly, Susanna says that now she has lost one and a half stone, she’s no longer going to the gym, because it makes her hungry and is instead relying on “other” forms of exercise and “enjoying” life. 

We certainly agree with that! To find out more about healthy living, here’s what Spice Girl Mel C told us about her fitness secrets and this is why Helena Christensen told us that often beautiful people can be ugly inside. 


Image via Susanna Reid/Instagram

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