Take a stand against bad posture with this one simple move

-Jun 1, Hannah Hargrave, Fitness -

Take a stand against bad posture
With modern technology and age unfortunately comes bad posture, but there’s one simple and very effective move almost anyone can do to get you standing up straight again. And all you need is a doorway…


Good posture not only makes us look taller and slimmer it makes us stronger too and yet the majority of us forget to roll our shoulders back and lift our chins.

Age can be wicked when it comes to retaining the ability to stand up straight and bad habits such as looking down at smartphones, laptops and tablets has left many of us prematurely stooped over.

So Lumity spoke to Fit4mum founder Melissa Lorch to ask about one easy and effective exercise to improve posture and the great news is you don’t need weights or a gym, all you need is a doorway.


Why do you like this particular move so much?


“There are lots of exercises out there to help you stand up straight but what I love about this one is that it suits just about everyone,” says Melissa. “Young or old, fit or not, you can do this. And if you do it regularly enough you will begin to see an improvement in the way you stand.”


Do I really not need ANYTHING but myself and a doorway for this?


“That’s honestly all you need. You don’t even have to wear workout clothes. You can do this in your regular clothes and as often as you like throughout the day. There’s loads of opportunities to do this because you’ll go through plenty of doorways in your day.”


Ok, explain what we need to do?


“It’s this simple. Instead of simply walking through the doorway, stop, stretch your arms up straight and place your hands on the top of the frame (or on the wall above it if you’re tall) and gently lean into it to get a good stretch and hold for 10 seconds. You can repeat this move a few times.”


What happens if I can’t reach the top of the doorframe?


“If the frame is too high or you are too short, there’s a way to modify this exercise. Instead of reaching up, place one forearm on the side of the doorframe with your elbow at 90-degrees and take a step forward to stretch. Then do the same on the other side.”


What does the stretch do?


“Exercises like this help to open up the chest muscles which have probably got pretty tight over the course of 10 or even 20 years. As they tighten they pull the shoulders forward, causing a stoop so you need to stretch open the chest muscles and strengthen the muscles that pull the shoulders back toward the spine.”


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