Ten things reasons why kissing is good for your health!

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As well as making you feel pretty good, kissing also good for your health. Here are some of the amazing health boosts kissing gives you.

A peck, a smooch, smacker or whatever you call a kiss, mistletoe hanging at festive parties means that now is the perfect time to be doing it! The average person spends more than 20,000 minutes of their life kissing and for very good reason. You may not realise that as well as making you feel pretty good, kissing also good for your health. Here are some of the amazing health boosts kissing gives you.


Kissing is good for your teeth


When we know we are about to receive a kiss the flow of saliva increases. This helps your dental health as it gives your teeth a wonderful plaque busting bath. But be careful who you are kissing. As cavity-causing bacteria can be passed on if you are smooching someone who neglects their oral hygiene.


A kiss can give give you healthy lungs


When we kiss our breathing pattern changes, it’s usually often deeper too. After kissing, people average will breathe in and out 60 times in a minute as opposed to a usual 20 times. This increase in breathing could help prevent some lung conditions.


Kissing can help to boost your self-esteem


The amount of kissing you enjoy can actually depend on the amount of money you earn! One study found men who received a passionate kiss before they left for work had bigger pay packets than their counterparts. The study suggests the kiss – and possibly the happy relationship which made it happen in the first place –  makes people happier and boosts self-esteem. They are there more likely to do better at work as a result.


A kiss is a work out for your face


They might come easy but kisses are like a form of yoga for your face. A quick peck uses two facial muscles but a French kiss involves every single one of the 34 muscles in our faces.


…and kissing actually burns calories too!


A passionate French kissing can burn up to five calories in a few seconds – so pucker up and ditch the gym!


Kissing lifts your mood


A great kiss can make you happy long after it ends because when we kiss endorphins and oxytocin are released into our bodies. These can leave us feeling more upbeat and less stressed because oxytocin has a calming effect, serotonin and dopamine which is also created makes us feel relaxed and positive.  Kissing activates the same areas in your brain linked to reward and addiction making them very satisfying! And these hormones are released after just 20 seconds of kissing.


It even reduces your blood pressure


Kissing helps to dilate your blood vessels it can help to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels too. The fact a kiss is a fantastic stress buster makes it a great way of helping your heart health. One study found people who spent six weeks making kissing a priority with their partners reported significant decreases in their levels of stress. As well as improvements in their relationship satisfaction, the subjects stress levels went down and cholesterol levels were reduced.

How kissing boosts your immunity


Kissing has been shown to boost your immune system and reduce allergic responses. This is especially noticeable in those with skin or nasal allergies.


Kissing can ease cramps and headaches


If you have a terrible headache or are suffering crampy pains it’s worth going in for a kiss rather than a painkiller and seeing if that helps. The fact kissing causes blood vessel dilation which helps to relieve pain, particularly from headache or menstrual cramps. This is because the extra blood flow can be enough to ease the cramp.


And, finally, kissing could make you live longer


It’s been found couples who kiss everyday lived five years longer than those who never or rarely kissed. In fact, scientists have estimated that kissing for 90 minutes can prolong your life for 1 minute!


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