The 10 minute workout that Jasmine Tookes swears by

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10 minute workout

One of the things which we are passionate about at Lumity is encouraging women to believe that they’re fine as they are and to embrace their uniqueness. There’s no ‘ideal’ way that a woman should look and all of us are beautiful in our own, fabulous ways.

Top supermodels have told us that getting runway-ready takes an awful lot of HARD work. They spend at least three hours in hair and make up on the day of the show, and working out and dieting is something which takes centre stage in their lives and is a crucial (and contractual) part of their job all year round.

Being a professional model is extremely hard job (in case you thought they were all naturally fit and toned!). But they DO have days off from exercising (because the last thing you want when you’re walking down a catwalk is achey legs) and they DO eat good nutritious quality protein, slow burning carbs and vegetables so they have long, lean muscles and are strong and healthy.

Jasmine Tookes tells Lumity that for her, “beauty is being the best version of yourself that you can be and not comparing yourself to others.”

The Huntingdon, California-born supermodel says that she tends to be “a night owl” so she often works out late morning, or even in the evening, and she skips cardio (because she has such a naturally mega-fast metabolism) instead opting for weight training: “If I do too much cardio the weight falls off too fast,” she explains.

“I love having a rounded butt so I do a lot of squats and a lot of work on my obliques and core.

“If I travel, I take ankle weights with me and I get down on the floor in my hotel room and bust out a few sets. You can feel it working after just a few repetitions, even if you work out a lot.

“You could even tape a bottle of water to your leg if you didn’t have ankle weights. But all you need is a mat or a towel and you’re ready to go, you can do this at home, in your office, in a park – anywhere! I try to focus on one area of my body during workouts like this, and then I do a lot of all over stretching to warm down.”

Here’s Jasmine showing how to do part of her “butt workout” on her fitness Instagram account “JoJa” – which she created with fellow angel and workout buddy Josephine Skriver.

She says to really squeeze as you lift and do three sets of fifteen rep s on each side. (That will probably only take you about five minutes, but put some loud music on like Jasmine does and before you know it you’ll start enjoying yourself and then you can try the other two moves below.)

Here’s another version you can try (three sets of ten on each side is a good rule of thumb as it’s do-able and you won’t get bored and stop).



A video posted by @joja on

And another, this is called plank to push, and again – do three sets of ten on each side.



A video posted by @joja on

Jasmine says that she drinks lots of water or green tea lemonade, doesn’t like juicing (“can’t get into it” she explains) and she loves having sausage and egg sandwiches for breakfast or steak with potatoes for dinner. A girl after our own heart.

She adds, “I do have days where I sit on the couch and watch TV and don’t work out. I love spending time with my family and my little sister. But then if I’m having a day where I’m feeling kind of lazy, my trainer Kirk, or one of my workout buddies will text and say ‘do you want to go to the gym?’ and that’s all it takes really and I go.

“Once I am there we turn up the hip hop and we all motivate and support each other. I do feel better mentally after I work out, so I often grab one of the other angels and we will go try out a new class. If you stay in shape all year, there’s not as much pressure before the show and you can go out on the stage and really channel that excitement and enjoy it all then.”

While all of the models we have spoken to told us that they eat clean most of the time and snack on nuts, apples and protein bars, they all agreed that having fun and having balance in your life is the key to looking fantastic.

One of the most iconic Victoria’s Secret show stars, Adriana Lima, agrees that enjoying it all is what’s important and she says that she has a self-calming tradition before she takes the stage: “I like to meditate before the runway. If possible I will find a quiet place, sit and close my eyes, and try to relax.”

And do you know what Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Elsa Hosk and Lily Aldridge ALL told us that they would be eating straight after a big fashion show? – Pizza washed down with tequila cocktails.

So there you have it: Make time to meditate, enjoy your workouts and pencil in cheat days. Sounds good to us.

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