The 5 documentaries which could change the way you eat

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5 documentaries which will change the way you look at food for good
There’s no doubt that we are seeing a solid shift for the better in the way that we are looking at the world. As well as the global drive to cut back on plastic, we are most definitely more aware than ever about the quality of the food we eat, and the fact that we need to take huge steps to halt the global obesity epidemic in its tracks – especially as so many children are obese now. One of the ways which is helping to educate us all is the wealth of fantastically in depth documentaries which are airing on Netflix this summer. We take a look at five which are worth checking out and will most likely change the way you eat for good…


Forks Over Knives


Forks over knives
Gone are the days when salad was seen as the boring option for a meal. It has never been so important to focus on the benefits of a plant-based diet. Not only does it taste delicious there’s solid proof that it can help health.


Focusing on the obesity crisis in the States (which is echoed in many places around the world) this looks at how many diseases which kill millions are preventable through diet alone. Including interviews with people who have reversed conditions such as diabetes through changing what they eat, the merits of a healthy, nutritious diet can’t be faulted. The consensus seems to be more plants, better chance of living. This will make you order salad for lunch without doubt!


The Kids Menu


Do kids really not like healthy food? Or is it that they don’t get the opportunity to choose for themselves without the noise generated from advertising and media telling them what kids ‘should’ like?

This documentary shows that when kids know where their food comes from, take a part in growing it and are allowed to experiment with trying new flavours, they actually love healthy food. In fact they would often choose it over junk food. Are the children the future to eliminating obesity? If they are given tools can they stop the wave towards an increase in deaths through poor diet?


In Defense of Food


New York Times best-selling author Michael Pollan examines the industrially driven Western diet to show how it has ruined our health, then offers solutions for the future. We make over 200 decisions about food a day and most are unconscious – which means we play into the hands of the food manufacturers. Michael embarks on a fascinating journey to find out what we should eat to be healthy, cutting through today’s barrage of conflicting dietary messages. He tells us what we should eat to enjoy food and stay healthy. 




The way we produce food currently is having a devastating effect on the planet. Chef Rick Bayless, farmers and others discuss the history leading to the sustainable food movement and how it could change what we eat in the future.

It’s an investigation of the economic and environmental instability of America’s food system, from the agricultural issues of soil loss, water depletion, climate change, pesticide use — to the community of leaders who are determined to fix it. How can we use the land now while making sure it will still be viable for future generations?




This beautifully shot, four-part series explores food through the lenses of the four natural elements – fire, water, air and earth.

Cooked the evolution of what food means to us through the history of food preparation and its ability to connect us.

It looks at our need to cook, something which sets us apart from animals and is one of the most nurturing acts we can make. With the proliferation of convenience and premade food are we losing our cooking traditions? The series urges a return to the kitchen to enable us to forge a deeper, more meaningful connection to the ingredients and cooking techniques that we use to nourish ourselves.


If you found this interesting, take a look at The Dirty 12 which examines the foods we eat which are most likely to be covered in pesticides. And, we have also put together a list of documentaries which might just inspire you to change the way you live. 

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