The 50+ fashion blogger who went from probation officer to fashionista

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Renia Jazdzyk aka Vens Wife Style was once a probation officer and now she’s a 50-something style blogger taking Instagram and the fashion world by storm.
Renia Jazdzyk aka Vens Wife Style is used to taking charge. She was once a probation officer and now she’s a 50-something style blogger taking Instagram and the fashion world by storm. She spoke to Lumity about staying stylish at any age, why you should embrace your 40s and 50s, and why she believes being controversial beats being boring any day.



We dare you to tell Newcastle-Upon-Tyne based Renia Jazdzyk that she’s too old for polka dots or that jumpsuits are a young person’s game, because this fabulous 50 plus fashionista could probably rock a bin bag and look incredible if she had to.

In the last two years Poland-born Renia has become a social media star. She has more than 31k Instagram followers hanging off every style conscious post and indulging in her blog which turns it’s nose up at the term age-appropriate.

If you’re looking to gain some inspiration, confidence and style tips from a woman with plenty of life experience then you’ve come to the right place.


“I want to show that fashion is for women of all ages”


Unbelievably Renia doesn’t see herself as a style guru and certainly didn’t expect her blog to kickstart a new career. “I was a probation officer for many years,” she reveals. “My family convinced me to start my blog and I did it purely as a hobby. Now I must admit I absolutely love what I do! “

A big part of her passion is making women of all ages confident enough to have fun with the contents of their wardrobe.

“We all have the right to look interesting and on-trend,” she says. “I think it’s probably more relatable to see certain trends worn by someone of a similar age to you. I want to inspire the women of my generation to feel confident to experiment with style.”


“I never expected this level of success”


It may not have been Renia’s ‘job’ but she says she’s certainly always been interested in fashion. “Even as a probation officer fashion was big part of my life. But my style was more masculine; the career lent itself well to suits and trousers.”

Now she’s still blown away every day by the success she’s found and the positive feedback she receives.

“I definitely did not expect this. I wanted to share my passion for fashion, and show that fashion has no age limits. I’m very happy that a lot of women enjoy checking my blog and my Instagram.

“This generation of 50+ year olds are more fashion conscious than ever before. We still love fashion and we love being stylish.”

“I know what looks good on me”


One look at Renia and it’s clear she’s not afraid of trying new trends. But when it comes to how she sees her own style she says: “I’d describe it as timeless, classic with masculine elements and a nod to the industry’s most relevant trends. I have been working on my aesthetic for years and I think I’m finally at the point whereby I know what my needs are, what I like and what looks good on me.”

“Today’s 50-year-olds are brave, dynamic women”


Renia loves the fact that over the past few years the approach and perception of mature women has shifted, paving the way for them to be confident in many more aspects of their life, including their style.

“Today’s 50 year olds are active, thrill-seeking, independent, brave, dynamic women,” she states proudly. “They look attractive and know their worth. I think our physical appearance, especially what we wear, needs to follow those changes in society. Let’s match our outfits to emphasize our personality, buy unique accessories, because they add character to our stylizations, making them one of a kind. Let’s put on a colourful outfit that will give us energy and confidence.”


“Don’t be afraid to try new trends”


Age should not make you shy away from making bold statements in fashion. If you’ve morphed into a woman who wears ‘all black’ for fear of standing out, Renia has some style tips for you to successfully vamp up your look.

Mix clothes from high street stores with more expensive, designer pieces to create a look that’s truly unique,” she suggests. “Try to add original accessories to your outfit and don’t be afraid of colour. Even a single colourful element can inject energy and revive an entire outfit.”

“See age as an asset not a weakness”


Renia is thriving in a profession bursting at the seems with people half her age but she’s not deterred and she wants other women in their 40s, 50s and 60s to know they shouldn’t be scared of making a change or a statement either.

“I would say to them don’t give up. I believe everything is possible regardless of our age. I don’t believe that age defines a woman. At the age of 50, a lot of women are still professionally active and ambitious. We are still learning and building our skill sets, and we still want to feel attractive. Fashion can be our ally in that sense. I believe age, in this instance, is an asset and not a weakness and remember do not be afraid of being controversial, be afraid of being boring.”



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