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Kathy Kaehler is one of the most sought-after health and fitness experts in the world; some of her A-list clients include Michelle Pfeiffer, Julia Roberts, Kim Basinger and Jennifer Aniston. With a lot of us finding ourselves living in lockdown once more, why not make this time all about self-love and self-care? We decided to turn to the star trainer for some tips on how to look and feel our best.

Exercise should be fun so you want to do it

When it comes to exercising, Kathy underlines that you don’t have to sweat it out in the gym for hours every day: “Something is always better than nothing,” she tells Lumity. “You can put music on and dance like crazy, you can do gardening, or walk (or run!) through your local park. Aim to be more active and do something every day and you’ll see results.”

Make a fitness goals list 

As for that all important motivation, Kathy advises to write down your fitness goals for each day in the same way you’d write any other to do list:

“Write down what you plan to do a bit like a shopping list and then work your way through it, so you could have ’20 minute run, followed by 20 minutes of circuit training’ or ‘5 minutes skipping, 5 minutes running, 5 minutes abs work and a yoga DVD in the evening’ then tick off each thing as you accomplish it and you’ll feel a real sense of purpose,” Kathy says.  

The endorphins from exercise will change your entire day 

“That will carry on through the day and you’ll finish your list rather than forget about it,” Kathy continues. 

“Those endorphins will change your whole day and you’ll be less likely to turn to comfort food to cope or make you feel better after a stressful day.”

A simple method to find motivation for exercise 

If you need an extra push to exercise, Kathy has a simple method to get moving: “If you need tips to get motivated then the best thing is to wear one of those wrist counters that counts your steps every day,” she advises.

“I wear one myself and I have really noticed that it adds a level of accountability to my fitness. If I haven’t done my steps for the day I’ll park on the furthest side of the car park and walk that extra bit, or if I will try to walk to the store rather than drive.

“Throughout the day a mile here and half a mile there really adds up, plus little things like always taking the stairs in a building and never taking the escalator or an elevator all make the difference.”

The at home A-list workout 

As for which workouts Kathy’s famous clientele do, she outlines them step by step here for us: “The workouts that I do with the celebrities which I have trained are something that I do with all of my clients and, even if they are with me or on the other side of the world, once they have learned it they can do it whether they are with me or not,” she says.  

“The beauty of it is they can do it several times a week on their own and without having to go to a gym. And, anyone can do it – all it takes is deciding to make a commitment to your fitness and feeling good.

“When I’m working out with my clients I’m a real fan of using the body as a weight instead of using lots of clunky equipment.

“I usually have just two or three pieces of equipment – a skipping rope and a resistance band are the two best – and that means that you can do this workout in a hotel room or in a park or out in your garden – anywhere you like.

“We’ll start off and do a minute of jumping rope to get the stress of the day out and really start to sweat, then we do a minute of triceps dips, where you put the backs of your hands on the edge of a chair and scoot down towards the floor and lift yourself back up.

“Then we do a minute of triceps kickbacks and a minute of close grip wall push-ups and a minute of commandos (start on belly, keep a flat back, do a push up, do a knee tuck then repeat over and knee tuck the other side).  

“Then after one minute we change and do a minute of push ups, then we do a minute of star jumps, then a minute of squats, two minutes of lunges (one for each leg), a minute of back raises and a minute of stomach crunches.

 “Next we do a minute of oblique crunches, a minute of plank, a minute of side plank on both sides plus a minute of stomach crunches with legs raised.

 “After that we get a resistance band which cost next to nothing and are great for working out in a small space and we’ll do a minute of bicep curls, a minute of shoulder press with lunge on each side and a minute of lateral raises.”

Set a timer when you workout 

If you’re worried that you’re not working out for the correct amount of time, Kathy has a simple solution: “You can do this at home no problem at all, you just use your phone as a timer and set it for a minute and each time the minute’s up you change. That’s exactly the same as you having me standing over you telling you when the minute’s up.  

“Obviously it helps if you have music pumping out as it gets you fired up and as this is a twenty minute work out you can either stop or you’ll repeat it two more times which is about an hour long work out when little breaks to sip water and take little rests.”

Concerned that you don’t have a full hour to set aside to exercise? – Kathy has an answer for that: “The best thing is – and all of my celebrity clients, including Jen, Julia Roberts and Claudia Schiffer do this – if you don’t have time to do a full hour you can break it up and do three ten minute work outs throughout the course of the day or six five minute workouts,” she underlines.

“Once you know the basic moves which are easy to learn you can work on your stomach, or your shoulders or your arms or do a full body workout, it’s up to you and remember working out is supposed to be fun and NOT ever about making yourself feel bad.

“As well as the above workout, aim to do cardio almost every day if you can or at least six days out of seven for about 20-25 minutes.” 

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