The beauty products which really are worth the money

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It's difficult to know what beauty products you should be spending your money on and if you're getting what you're paying for

With so many beauty products on the market it can be almost impossible to figure out which ones are worth spending money on and which aren’t. While we can’t go through every brand’s face cream, mascara, lipstick or nail polish we can give a little guidance as to the sorts of beauty products you should splurge on.


It’s true that beauty really does start from within so nourishing yourself from the inside out makes sense. The right supplement can do this for you and is well worth the money. Lumity Day and Nighttime Supplements contain all-natural minerals and vitamins which boost your vitality, give you stronger nails, better skin and hair and feeds your overall wellbeing. 

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Makeup brushes 

What you use to put your makeup on can make all the difference to how it looks. A luxury set of makeup brushes is a really good investment. Cheaper ones lose their bristles and nobody likes being left with tiny stray hairs stuck to their foundation or ending up in their eye. 

Brushes should be soft not scratchy and will last you a long time if you look after them and wash them properly. 


We know perfume is expensive but it really is worth the price tag. Cheaper scents can be made with chemicals, alcohol and synthetics which can make your head ache. They won’t last the day and you’ll have to reapply. A spritz or two of a high quality perfume will make you smell sweet and won’t leave people coughing. 

Facial oil 

It doesn’t matter what foundation you wear if the skin you’re putting it on isn’t healthy. While there are a wealth of moisturisers on the market if you invest in Lumity’s Skin Nutrient Facial Oil you won’t even need to necessarily pay out for one of them. So it’s actually saving you cash!

The oil’s 32 all-natural botanical oils and extracts work together to hydrate and nurture the skin. With regular use you’re on you way to a supple, firm and fresh looking complexion.

You only need a few drops too so a little goes a long way. 


In the same way the right facial oil is imperative, so is your choice of foundation and the best one for your skin is certainly worth the money. 

Foundations should be able to cover dark spots and smooth your skin tone out and fine lines shouldn’t be emphasised but instead diminished by the product you chose to cover your skin with. 

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More costly foundations do the above while you may find some of the cheaper ones give a cakey complexion and get stuck in any wrinkles you may have.

Another benefit of a more expensive cover up is that they often come in more shades so you can get a better match to your skin.

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