The beauty products you should be storing in the fridge

-Jul 24, Hannah Hargrave, Beauty -

You put food in the fridge to keep it fresh, so why not your beauty products too? We’ve discovered these products perform better when kept cool.

Move over milk, you need to make room for mascara and a whole host of other lotions and potions which keep us looking our best. It might seem strange to have half the contents of your makeup bag alongside last night’s leftovers, but keep reading and it’ll suddenly all make sense.


Air, heat and light are all enemies of perfume and yet most people leave theirs in the bathroom where it has to put up with the humidity, steam and heat from the shower. Although you definitely don’t want to confuse your Chanel No.5 for your glass jar of barley water, storing your perfume in the fridge will protect it’s scent for much longer.


You can wake up your senses with a chilly spritz of toner in the morning. The skin-tightening properties are heightened when kept at a cool temperature and it’ll also help boost the shrinking of pores.

Nail Polish

Unscrewing the lid off your favourite shade of polish, only to find it’s turned gloopy is way worse than discovering your milk is off. If you keep your nail colour in the fridge however, you can extend it’s lifespan. By keeping it chilled the pigments remain suspended and stops the formulas from thickening and you’ll get a smoother finish too.

Vitamin C

Freshly squeezed orange juice isn’t the only source of vitamin C that should be kept in the fridge. Products which contain the skin-fortifying ingredient will work better when kept at a cooler temperature. This is because vitamin C can break down easily and lose it’s potency. By stashing the likes of your moisturiser or Lumity Supplements behind the marmalade you’ll preserve the power of this antioxidant.

Face Mask

Applying your face mask after it’s been in the fridge will make you look (once you’ve removed it of course) and feel way better. The chilled feeling on your skin is revitalising and the lower temperature means greater de-puffing and un-reddening abilities.


If it’s a precise, crisp line you’re after try popping your eyeliner (only if it’s a pencil) in the freezer for 20 minutes before you need to use it. Once removed you can sharpen the pencil to a really precise tip making for much neater cat eye.

Eye Cream

A cool treatment on puffy eyes works wonders because a chilly temperature constricts the blood vessels, and reduces the flow of fluid into the soft tissues. If you have some Lumity Skin Nutrients Facial Oil left over at the end of your monthly subscription, try putting it in the fridge and using it as a delightful skin soothing under eye balm on hot summer mornings. 


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