The cellulite-killing exfoliator that beauty insiders love

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We take a look at the exfoliator that the fashion world are going crazy for. It’s made from the same material that bulletproof vests are made from meaning it’s equipped to blast away even the most stubborn cellulite. 


In early September, a lot of us are in need of a bit of beauty SOS; our hair has been left a little frazzled and in need of a decent cut and treatment mask, and our body’s skin tends to have been left to its own devices while we are busy enjoying the summer months.

A great idea when you’re having a long luxurious bath or shower at this time of year is to focus on all over body exfoliation, which scrubs away dead skin cells and leaves legs, feet and arms looking and feeling smooth and soft as we head into a new season.

When we spoke to top beauty industry insider Cayli Cavaco Reck, who owns the cult conscious beauty store Knockout Beauty in the Hamptons, she told us that the big new thing which everyone is buzzing about for exfoliation at the moment is the Supracor Stimulite Honeycomb Bath Mitt, which is made of a bouncy antimicrobial, antibacterial, mildew-resistant material that’s used in bulletproof vests.


Look how fab it is:




It needs just a touch of your favourite shower gel or soap to create a foamy lather.

You can also use it dry, and brush your body with upward strokes towards your heart, which stimulates the lymph system and releases the toxins that produce cellulite. It is fantastic, and far better than using one of those mildew-prone bath brushes.

Apparently, a top fashion house in Paris will be giving the black version away in their gift bags during Fashion Week later this month. The French capital’s Ritz Hotel has ordered it in bulk to be used in all the top body-blitzing pampering treatments in their five-star spa when it re-opens following the hotel’s extended revamp in October. And, Linda Evangelista gave the mitt to all her friends as a Christmas present last year during a big holiday season party at her house.

It’s brilliant at removing self-tanner and will leave you feeling silky smooth all over.

And, here’s the best bit – it’s only USD $34 (that’s £25) which might leave you change to try out their $14 facial sponge (£10.50), which removes make-up, cleanses, exfoliates and massages your skin, stimulates blood and lymph flow to decrease puffiness, eliminates toxins and promotes cellular regeneration.

For a luxurious extra, finish off with a dash of Soho House’s own Cowshed Spa line’s Exfoliating Seat Salt Scrub. Your skin will be buffed and polished to perfection thanks to sea salt crystals suspended in nourishing Macadamia Oil, while seaweed, honey and spearmint essential oil gives you an energising boost that leaves your bathroom smelling minty fresh. It tingles as you use it and, unlike a lot of scrubs which don’t seem to work very well, this one packs a punch and your legs feel soft for three days after using it.

A make-up artist told Lumity recently that a great DIY body scrub can be made at home from putting a couple of teaspoons of sea salt into a tablespoon of Astral face cream, which is a really inexpensive, but luxurious moisturiser that retails at just £2.99 per pot. Actress Joanna Lumley swears by it. (Two pots are sold every minute in the UK, you can also find it on

Once you’re out of the shower, a dash of May Lindstrom’s all over body oil, The Good Stuff on damp skin will leave you feeling absolutely fantastic. Billed as liquid sunshine (which is a fairly accurate description) and packed with minerals plus a heady mix of essential oils which will make you sigh happily as you apply it, it’s pretty hard to beat.

Or you can simply finish off with coconut oil (Cayli’s biggest beauty tip is shaving your legs with it), which feels and smells divine and will extend that summer holiday feeling all the way into winter and beyond.

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