The daily diets that three top nutritionists eat

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We heed their expert advice but have you ever wondered what a nutritionist actually eats? Lumity spoke with three professionals to uncover the daily diet which keeps them in tip top shape.

We are regularly informed that the key to a healthy lifestyle is eating well, which means a balanced diet containing plenty of fruits and vegetables. But it isn’t one size fits all when it comes to what works for you and nutritionists know that all too well. Three pros gave us a sneak peak into their daily eating habits and you’ll be amazed how different their food choices are.

Karen Cummings-Palmer – Health beauty & nutrition consultant

“I start the day with a large glass of water, then onto oil pulling with a drop of tea tree oil 4 or 5 times a week.
“After my morning movement routine I will have a green juice, sometimes out of a jar mixed with organic berries, sometimes I’ll blend a variety of fresh greens with cucumber, mint, ginger and aloe if I have to run out of the door I’ll add a banana and some collagen powder or a teaspoon of chia seeds for a protein boost but most days I have the luxury of being able to sit down for a proper breakfast an hour or so later.  
“I’ll go between a spinach or mushroom omelette to a poached egg on avocado and rye or sourdough.  In the colder months I’ll have porridge with some raisins and bee pollen once or twice a week.  I follow up with an espresso or two about twenty minutes later and then water and my AM Lumity.”

“Lunch is often a quinoa coconut and turmeric stew with plenty of anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting turmeric and ginger  with spinach and peas or broccoli I’ll add live pulses or some shrimp.  Or I might have sweet potato, veg and in a cashew nut pesto with lentils. 
“If I am out I’ll choose a piece of fish and plenty of veg and if sweet potato fries are on offer I can rarely resist.”

Afternoon snack
“I often have a couple of pieces of dark chocolate or a handful of raw nuts with a cup of Matcha tea in the afternoon.”

“Dinner at home is often wild salmon or mackerel with veg, in the warmer months I’ll have salads – goats cheese with fig and beets or tuna with avocado, tomatoes and olives are favourites.   I whip up an apple cider vinegar, lemon olive oil and raw honey dressing. In the winter I try and have a bone broth a couple of times a week for an evening meal and sometimes add seaweed to up the collagen boosting anti.
“I love asian food and tend to relax about what I eat when I am going out for dinner, I like a glass, of red (preferably organic) wine but I send back the bread and very very rarely eat dessert.”

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“I’ll drink hot water in the evenings at home and take my Omega 3’s and end the day with a glass bro room temperature water and PM Lumity.”

Claudia le Feuvre – Nutritional therapist & eating psychology coach

“I’m always asking my clients to slow down and relax around mealtimes to optimise digestion. I do however understand how challenging this can be with busy lives, organising kids, and work schedule.”

“I send the kids off to school and look forward to 20 mins of quiet time to relax, mentally prepare for the day ahead, and enjoy my breakfast. Usually I make a porridge mix of oats, nuts, seeds, goji berries, linseeds (for hormone balance) and fresh fruit. All warmed in oat milk, or coconut milk. It’s also my ritual to savour and enjoy one cup of coffee. I might set up the slow cooker (on a timer) with a casserole, or a Thai curry so it’s ready later when I come home. 

“I don’t tend to snack in the mornings, so next it’s lunch.”

“It depends where I am and what I’m doing. Sometimes I’ll bring left overs. I’m a big fan of weekend prep so I usually have a soup or tray of roasted veg in the fridge to throw together a quick lunch to take with me to the office. If I get caught out, it’s a real treat to go out to a healthy bistro.

Afternoon snack
“I’m developing a range of CBD snack balls and have found they are the perfect afternoon pick up. A combination of nuts, oats, dates, chia seeds, CBD with cacao and orange flavouring give a boost!”

“I often bulk cook a warming casserole packed with root veg and legumes at weekends to tide us over to Monday and Tuesday. I try to have a homemade pesto in the fridge (usually rocket and walnut-based) on standby to add to chicken or white fish. I try to cook one new recipe a week and often let the kids choose as a way to get instant buy-in! A stir fry or fajitas with guacamole, black beans, chicken etc are my emergency go-to’s when everyone is starving and we’re short on time.”

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Pollyanna Hale – Health and lifestyle coach

“My diet is high in protein and fibre ( from fruit and vegetables). I exercise and protein helps repair and build muscle while fruit and veg provide antioxidants and vitamins needed for all bodily functions.
“In addition at only 5’2 my calorie needs aren’t very high so lots of protein and vegetables helps keeps me full without adding loads of extra calories.”

“If I’m doing an early morning workout I’ll have a protein shake upon waking, usually by adding protein powder to my coffee! I use vegan blends as I find them easier to digest.
“After the school run I’ll have breakfast which could be egg and banana pancakes, or protein porridge (oats and protein powder) and always with a decent portion of fruit such as berries.”

“Lunch is usually around 2 and as I’m quite busy during the day I’ll throw various veggies on a plate with protein. I have a nightshade intolerance so can’t eat tomatoes, peppers or potatoes so have to get creative to make salads varied and colourful. Leafy greens, beetroot and cooked leftover veg from the night before often feature, then I might add cooked chicken, ham, salmon, tuna, sometimes chickpeas or beans drained from a tin, maybe a sprinkle of capers or lactose free Parmesan cheese for extra flavour! I prefer to get fats from food such as oily fish or whole olives than liquid oils as food is more filling, so I dress salads with balsamic vinegar or lemon juice, salt & pepper.”

Afternoon snack
“Mid afternoon I’ll have a snack which could be thick soy yoghurt (I’m lactose intolerant) mixed with protein powder or peanut butter and fruit, or if I’m out and about a bit bar or vegan protein bar.”

“In the evening I prefer a hot meal of cooked vegetables as they’re easier to digest and a warm comforting meal helps me sleep! I love roasting vegetables like onions and cauliflower as it brings out the flavours, or stir frying a medley of whatever I have in the fridge. Salmon fillets, a whole roast chicken, or simply an omelette might be my protein of choice, sometimes with some sweet potato or lentils if I want some extra carbs.”

“At bedtime I make a hot chocolate with almond milk, cocoa powder and stevia, my preferred sweetener.

“It sounds very virtuous but I’m a sucker for eating kids leftovers, though I feed my kids nutritious food too so it’s not all bad! And if there’s chocolate in the house I’ll always have a bit. If I’m peckish between meals and snacks I’ll pick at low sugar seedy granola, it’s so tasty but the one I buy is not sugary junk like so many cereals are.

“I love tea but try and stick to 2-3 cups a day and max one cup of coffee, after that it’s decaf only, especially from mid afternoon onwards as I don’t want to disrupt my sleep. I also drink hot water with lemon and green tea. I do drink alcohol but only on occasion like if I’m out with friends or at a party, so only about twice a month.”

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