The energy diet: Banish fatigue and eat your way to vitality

-Jun 18, Jenny Paul , Nutrition -

Are you feeling tired and like you want to hibernate at the moment even though it’s summer? We’ve come up with a wonderful way to banish feelings of sluggishness utilising the power of nutritious, energising food. 

As we hurtle through these interesting and often confusing months of 2020 a lot of us are feeling frazzled, but a great way to keep your energy levels high and your afternoon dips low is by eating food that boosts your vitality levels and balances out your blood sugar levels.

Food can be like medicine and health is wealth; while ‘discomfort food’ artificial, processed and refined food that comes in a packet like cookies, crackers, cake, crisps and chocolate bars may give us a brief burst of energy, soon after you’ll will get that familiar sleepy brain fog feeling as the carb cravings start to kick in.

If you’re feeling tired at the moment, packing your meals with lots of healthy food will help you feel happy, more energetic and ready to go out and embrace the joys in life.

The top five fatigue-fighting foods to boost your energy 

Acai berries: These little berries are loaded with vitamins and minerals, plus they are a potent antioxidant which are thought to help prevent chronic illnesses.

Consuming them regularly boosts your metabolism, lifts your energy levels, improves mental clarity, helps with digestive function and helps to remove unwanted fat and toxins. The best way to eat them is to freeze the berries, blend and eat with a spoon for a delicious meal. You can find them in most health shops or online in the form of powders you can add to your smoothies in the morning.

Bananas: Bananas are a source of potassium which helps to maintain the electrolyte balance in your body. Bananas make a wonderful snack pre-workout to help boost your performance and energy levels.

They are a complex carbohydrate so they also are great for boosting your mood and memory. They are low glycemic and naturally sweet, so are perfect to add into your smoothies, as an afternoon snack or a simple dessert.

Oatmeal: Organic oatmeal is a wonderful way to give yourself a powerful energy boost which is packed with energising iron, mood-boosting manganese and vitamin B for better memory and performance.

If you have it for breakfast or brunch you’ll get a hefty dose of fibre and it’s packed with selenium which boosts your skin’s elasticity. Try adding toppings like avocado, black berries, nuts and seeds for an energising snack.

Cacao: Cacao is basically dark chocolate is good for you! Not only is dark chocolate made from 80% cacao, plus a powerful antioxidant and superfood which helps combat accelerated ageing and illness, but it’s also an energising, mood-elevating, memory-boosting natural food source.

Having a few squares of cacao after lunch will help prevent afternoon slumps and will give you a big boost of energy to keep you going until supper time. Cacao is a ‘feel good’ food and consuming it on a regular basis will have a positive impact on your overall health, beauty and wellbeing. Just remember to choose dairy-free and dark options.

Beetroot: Beets are a root vegetable packed with iron, vitamin C, betacarotene, and vitamin K. This is a combination that helps cleanse and detoxify your liver, flush untreated fat and toxins and boost your energy and performance.

For maximum absorption and assimilation of the beetroot, adding them to you a fresh juice or smoothie is extremely effective and you feel results almost instantly.

They are also great for your skin as they contain lycopene, which boosts skin elasticity and helps fight any damage to the skin from free radicals like sun damage, smoke and pollution.

Eating for energy is a wonderful way to fight fatigue, curb cravings, and combat afternoon dips. Try implementing these foods on a regular basis and watch your energy levels soar.

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