The ‘feel good’ awards season food plan

-Feb 9, Jenny Paul, Nutrition -

Whilst at Lumity we are big fans of eating what you like, when you like, we wondered what kind of diet Los Angeles-based trainer Nicole Stuart advises when her clients want to drop a dress size, as we know that during awards season a lot of her A-list fans cut out sugar, carbs, alcohol and caffeine ahead of the Golden Globes, the Grammys and the Oscars.

And, with winter weight creeping on for some of us, now is a great time to start thinking about going on an exercise and healthy eating plan ahead of spring. Nicole tells us that her philosophy is that exercising is all about the happy feelings you get after you have finished your workout and that a diet shouldn’t mean going hungry:

“Going on a diet doesn’t mean eating nothing – far from it – a good trainer should be able to design an eating plan that means you’re never hungry and you have more energy than ever,” she tells us. “That’s what to keep in mind; exercise isn’t about torturing and punishing yourself it’s about the happy feelings you get and that makes you think clearer and see your entire life from a different, better perspective.

“Eating small portions speeds your metabolism up and keeps you burning food and calories efficiently.

“A good diet meal would be a small tuna salad with green veg or kale soup. As a rule eat little and often. So if you must snack take one apple or a piece of cheese, 10-12 nuts and nibble on those when you leave the house in the morning. If you have it on you you’re less likely to stop and buy chocolate cookies because you’re hungry on the way home! Avoid empty calories too – things like milky tea and coffee or fizzy drinks can be the thing that cause people to pile on weight even though they think they’re eating a fairly healthy diet.

“But the most important thing is to stay active – even walking is a great way to exercise and burn calories and if you have ten minutes spare at the office you can do ten minutes of upper body work by doing an arm circles session.

“Hold your arms out to one side and then move them slowly in front of you in a V and circle them one way and then the other ten times each way. Then slowly make the V wider and repeat. Do this a total of 120 times each way until you’re back at the V you started with.”

Nicole has developed a brilliant app which means you can do her workouts on your phone or iPad: “I’ve developed a Pilates app called QE2 which you can download at and is pretty much exactly the workout that I do with all my clients,” she says. “It’s split up into six sections – introduction, arms, butt, hips, abs and a cardio blast and it’s great for everyone from beginners to advanced.

“If you’re someone who’s feeling out of shape and has never worked out then the trick is to start and do something. At the beginning doing half an hour of cardio four times a week would be a good way to start getting in shape and then add in circuit training and Pilates and yoga.

“It doesn’t have to be boring because once you get into the habit of doing your workouts and eating healthily you feel and look so good that you’ll never look back!”

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