The hand luggage beauty essentials to pack for Thanksgiving trips to keep your skin and health in top form while you’re away

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Some people have packing their hand luggage down to a fine art, whilst the rest of us throw a few essentials in a bag before leaving for the airport and hoping for the best. But there’s nothing worse than landing somewhere that’s far away from home and realising that you’ve forgotten to pack your supplements, or having to buy extra skincare and beauty essentials in Duty Free because you’ve had your full-size versions confiscated by security. Our simple to follow guide will ensure your holiday goes without a hitch.

How to keep your skin healthy on a long flight

Planes and travel in general play havoc with our skin, the air is incredibly drying, plus if there’s a change in time zone that affects the circadian rhythm which can lead to loss of sleep which then also batters your skin. There’s the low nutrient/ high calorie plane food which won’t be doing your skin any favours, and there’s the stress of the pre-trip build up (especially during the festive season which is notoriously miserable for many). Add in the temptation to drink alcohol which will dehydrate your skin and ensure you arrive feeling hungover.

If you do each of these on their own it may lead to breakouts in the following days, but put together they provide the perfect storm for unhealthy skin and hair that may keep showing up as much as FOUR to SIX WEEKS later due to our cells working on complicated cycles.

Pack a week before you leave for your trip

Last-minute packing adds extra stress to any trip, so pack the weekend before you’re due to leave and take your time to really think about what you’ll need. It’s worth investing in a travel toothbrush, deodorant and mini versions of your favourite products and keeping them in a clear bag in your wheeled carry on bag so you can simply show them to security as you glide through the airport.

Lumity has done a lot of this hard work for you, we now do our Morning & Night supplements in a sustainably packed 7-day travel size, our 4-in-1 Cleanse and our Skin Nutrients Facial Oil also come in airport-friendly 10ml sizes, which will pass stringent security checks, yet are enough to last you a week.

If you want to invest in our Travel Collection which has all three products in a clear zipped bag it costs just £37 and has enough room for a toothbrush, a deodorant, travel size shampoo and conditioner, plus a few make-up essentials. Bonus: You can comb Lumity’s oil through your hair for a nourishing treatment for your crowning glory while you’re away. Simply comb through to the roots and massage your scalp, before washing out.

For cosmetics, we like Trinny London’s stylish and functional make up stacks: Apply BFF for radiant skin. Smudge and smoke EYE2EYE to create as much or as little drama as you fancy. Brighten up lips and cheeks with LIP2CHEEK, and add polish with LIP GLOW.

With your Lumity Travel Collection and a Trinny make-up stack in your hand luggage, all you could ever really need on top of that is a mascara, toothbrush and paste, a deodorant and perhaps some sustainable wipes.

The ultimate in-flight skincare routine

Once you’ve boarded and are safely in your seat on your flight, make sure you’ve taken your 3 Lumity Morning capsules for that day (they boost your immune system to help fight off awful colds flying around the aircraft’s aircon system and will keep you energised) and massage in a healthy sized drop of Lumity’s Skin Nutrients for next-level hydration while you fly. Before you land treat your skin to Lumity’s 4-in-1 Cleanse to melt away grime accumulated in mid-air, then simply wash off with water (don’t be afraid of the black colour, water dissolves this heavenly balm with ease) and re-apply some Skin Nutrients so you whizz through the arrivals lounge looking fresh-faced and glowy.

What to eat on a flight for gorgeous skin when you arrive

As well as being consistent about taking your Lumity softgels in the days and nights before you leave and getting the recommended eight hours a night of beauty sleep, the best thing you can do for your skin on a flight is drinks lots of water, avoid alcohol caffeine and plane food, and pack your own healthy snacks to eat.

Try having a couple of bowls of our pumpkin and turmeric soup the night before you leave for the airport and start your day of travel with a large green smoothie. Whilst flying you could snack on bananas, apples, grapes, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, almonds and take a bag of goji berries to nibble too. Take a packed lunch to the airport in a washable lunchbox, try a nutritious salad and pack a dessert that is packed in skin-friendly antioxidants like our avocado cacao mousse. You can keep the containers, wash them when you land and refill with healthy goodies before you fly home.

All that’s left to do is relax and enjoy yourself!

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