The investment in wellness: Why supplements are worth it

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A healthy body and skin people compliment you on are about so much more than what you put on the outside. To truly nourish your hair, skin, nails and wellbeing you need to be fed from the inside out and the right supplement can help you do this. But how do you know which one to pick and whether you’re truly making an investment in your health? Lumity spoke with nutritionist Shona Wilkinson who shared some professional insight into the world of supplements and gave some guidance on getting the most from them. 

Just as a gym membership and healthy diet are considered investments in your wellbeing so should a supplement. We can’t get all we need each day from diet alone.

“We know that the amount of nutrients in food has reduced dramatically nowadays compared to even 50 years ago. The Soil Association has shown figures that measure the amount of nutrients in the soil and show the reduction over the years,” Shona explains. “This is thought to be due to pesticide use and over farming.  Refining and processing of foods also reduces the nutrient content.  Taking the right supplement is a good way to take the guesswork out and ensure a good intake of nutrients.”

Not only is our food not as packed with nutrients as it could be these days, it’s hard to physically eat everything that a quality supplement contains.

For reference just one day of Lumity’s flagship Morning and Night supplements gives you:

The same vitamin C as 2 strawberries

The same vitamin A as in 4 glasses of milk

The same vitamin D as in 4 eggs

The same vitamin E as in 35 almonds

The same magnesium as 1 cup of kale

The same zinc as 1 oyster

The same selenium as 65 cloves of garlic

The same carnitine as 4kg of raw meat

That’s without digging into all 17 ingredients.

“Pretty much anyone can benefit from taking a supplement,” says Shona. “If you’re wanting to look after yourself and help prevent illness then they are worth looking into.”

Lumity is packed with all-natural ingredients which help everything from your immune system to your skin, energy levels and even your metabolism, but not all supplements contain such a wealth of goodness.

“Ingredients in weight loss products are sometimes questionable,” Shona explains.  “This is especially true if sold on the internet by a company that doesn’t specialise in supplements.  Titanium Dioxide and talc often come in the ingredients of poor-quality supplements and are best avoided.”

Fortunately Lumity contains only vitamins, amino acids and minerals to boost your health. The twice a day capsules have been specially formulated to feed your body but you still need to invest in a good diet too.

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“Many people think they have a good diet but when you question them this can quickly change!” says Shona who questions:  “Do you have a minimum of five vegetables per day and three fruits per day?  Do you eat oily fish two-three times a week?”

She insists supplements can help you reach the nutritional targets which are necessary for overall good health.

Don’t expect a quick fix from supplements though, it’s important to remember they are not magic pills and they do take time to work. 

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“They aren’t designed to be like prescription medication so are often a more gentle approach.  Prescription medications often have a long list of side effects due to their mechanism of action.  Supplements are not allowed to have anything like this and as a result may take longer to work.

“It is always wise to give supplements at least 12 weeks to see the effects.”

Which is exactly what Lumity recommends! Also consistency is key so placing your supplements somewhere you can easily remember to take them – like next to your toothbrush – will help to ensure you build them into your morning and nighttime routine

And what about knowing how much you should be spending on your supplements? People often don’t think twice about paying for a gym membership when they want to get in shape but then quibble over the cost of a wellness supplement that could help better your health from top to toe. 

“Remember that with most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for,” Shona points out and if you really don’t understand what you are looking for then you can get guidance. “A registered nutritionist will know good brands from bad brands.

“Only buy a product from a reputable good quality brand.  Experiment and find out what supplement works for you. We are all unique and what works for one person won’t necessarily work for another.”

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