30 day mental health challenge – feel less anxious and more positive

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If you’re feeling anxious, down or angry and irritable, then it might be time to weave some positive activities into your day. We’ve come up with the Lumity 30 day mental health challenge which has been designed to help you get through the next month feeling happier, less anxious and more positive.

How to help your mental health and feel happy, relaxed and focused

Pick one activity from the list below each day or add some of your own. The idea is to give yourself something to look forward to each day, which will help you deal with everything else on your plate.


Start a daily mood diary, why this will help you

At the end of each day before you go to bed review your mood that day on a scale of 1-10. A good day would be a 9/10 and an excellent day would be 10/10. If you have a bad day, think back to what caused it and try to fix that. Was it a letter, email or a telephone call? If the TV news and social media triggered a bad, or anxious, mood then avoid them the next day and see if it improves your mood. If you have a great day, aim to fill the days after that with more of the same! Don’t forget the people you talk to can cause a positive or negative effect on mood, so if someone triggers a bad day, avoid them if you can or keep contact to a minimum. (If you live with them then try to resolve any issues).

How to heal your brain and body in 30 days

Fill as many days as you can with 30 minutes of exercise, 10 minutes of meditation and 20 yoga. This alone will have a huge effect on your stress and happiness levels. Studies have shown that doing yoga and meditation every day for 30 days can have a more positive effect on mood and anxiety than prescription pills.

Eat your way to better mental health

What you eat and drink can make you anxious and depressed (alcohol, caffeine, sugar, white carbs) or happy (turmeric, kale, nutrient packed meals). Whilst it can be tempted during times of uncertainty to comfort eat, try reframing ‘comfort’ foods as ones that do your mind and body good. 

30 positive things to do each day

  1. Drink just water today
  2. Try painting, or drawing, a place you like to visit
  3. Do your family tree, complete with old photos
  4. Try an online yoga class
  5. Take up Spanish or Italian lessons
  6. Plan a dream holiday for later this year (flights will be cheap if you book now!)
  7. Learn to play chess like an expert
  8. Start a happiness journal, jotting down and including everything that makes you happy each day. (Include photos, letters and cards). 
  9. Do something outside
  10. Have a phone free evening, or Sunday
  11. Bake cookies for a neighbour or someone who needs some happiness
  12. Enjoy a home facial or spa hour
  13. Dance to your favourite songs
  14. Adopt a new healthy habit 
  15. Plan a big night out with friends this summer 
  16. Try a 5-minute meditation 
  17. Go to bed an hour earlier or enjoy an extra hour in bed
  18. Watch a movie you know will make you laugh 
  19. Make a gratitude list and include everything you love about your life
  20. Plan an adventure. Do something brave. Feel alive! 
  21. Start therapy with a highly recommended therapist via Zoom or Skype. You can choose anyone who seems to fit your needs.
  22. Have a plastic-free week.
  23. Re-arrange a room in your house. Interior design your bedroom so it’s like a 5-star hotel suite.
  24. Do a DNA test and upload it to a family tree website like My Heritage. They’ll compare it with other results others have uploaded. One of the team at Lumity discovered two new relatives this way. Super fun and great if you have kids, too.
  25. Write a hand written letter to someone special (an elderly relative?) and post it.
  26. Donate to a charity. We like Choose Love.
  27. Buy an adult colouring book and colour it in to soothe yourself when you’re stressed.
  28. Learn a new skill that will help you with your career. We can never lear, too much!
  29. Start a herb garden from seeds.
  30. Buy a bicycle and go off on a bike ride.

If you have tried any of these, or have any ideas of your own let us know how you got on in the comments below.

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