The magical powers of mushrooms for your skin

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the magical powers of mushrooms for your skin

Underneath their muddy brown exterior mushrooms are packed with essential minerals and vitamins for a healthy body, and on top of that they can keep your skin looking young too.

Gwyneth Paltrow swears by the powers of reishi mushrooms, the magical fungi that’s been used in Chinese medicine for more than 7,000 years, but that’s not the only mushroom with healing powers.

From fancy sounding fungi’s like cordyceps and tremella to culinary mushrooms, such as portobello and shiitake it appears there is skin beauty benefits from so many of them.

So whether you eat them in your salad, add mushroom supplements to your diet or it’s in your moisturiser, you’ll be pleased to know they’ve been shown to do all of this for your skin.

Just because mushrooms don’t look too pretty, doesn’t mean they can’t make you glow!

Why Mushrooms Are Great for Skin Hydration

Along with dry skin, comes dull skin, so if you want to glow you need to keep skin well hydrated. This is where mushrooms come into play. They contain a polysaccharide which is beneficial in plumping up and hydrating skin.

Tremella mushrooms (also known as snow mushrooms) are particularly popular because of their hydrating powers.

Do Mushrooms Have Anti-Ageing Properties?

Several species of fungi produce kojic acid which contains lighting properties. These are great for lightening dark spots, evening skin tone and discoloration.

Also cordyceps are enriched with antioxidants and anti-ageing agents which help reduce the signs of ageing and prevent cell damage.

How Mushrooms Deep Clean the Skin

Cordyceps deep clean the skin and make it glow. They help keep your skin moisturised, soft and smooth too.

Can Mushrooms Keep Wrinkles at Bay?

Mushrooms are loaded with vitamin D which is known to stimulate collagen production and boost elasticity. So tuck in to help iron out those wrinkles!

How Mushrooms Can Help Prevent Acne

Acne is in part caused by environmental damage and the rich vitamin D and antioxidant content in mushrooms helps protect skin against this damage. The vitamin B and vitamin C in the likes of portobello mushrooms also help protect the skin.

Mushrooms Treat Skin Conditions

Many skin products used to treat the likes of eczema and acne contain mushroom extracts and that’s because of their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Shiitakes can also fight inflammation of the skin so it might be worth adding those to your shopping list.


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