How to disguise wrinkles using makeup

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How to hide wrinkles using makeup
Makeup can hide a multitude of sins but can it really disguise those fine lines and wrinkles that come with age? Applied the right way it can. Top makeup artist Candice Meggan explains the best way to use your products to cover up without looking cakey.


You will never be able to get rid of wrinkles entirely (and you should be proud of them!) however you can reduce their appearance and conceal them with some great makeup tricks.

Beauty expert Candice Meggan has given us the lowdown on how you can use your foundation, eyeliner, lipstick and Lumity Facial Oil to keep your skin looking as smooth and youthful as possible. 

Start with good skin


“The most effective way of tackling wrinkles without going under the knife or using injectables is to to adopt a great skincare routine,” says Candice. “This is vital as plump, hydrated skin ensures your makeup glides on smoothly and doesn’t settle in or emphasise your wrinkles. It’s important to layer your skincare as this will reduce the amount of product that you require for each layer.”


1. Start off with a spritz of rose water toner as this calms and soothes the skin (and it smells amazing!)

2. Next apply a serum (I recommend a hyaluronic acid serum) and massage this this all the way down the neck and décolletage.

3. Massage a few of drops of Lumity Facial Oil in, this will help seal in the rose water toner and serum that you have just applied.

4. Apply a small amount of moisturiser and massage in upward motions again taking this (and the Lumity oil) all the way down the neck and décolletage.

5. Lastly apply an eye cream around the eye area.

Use a primer


“Once your skincare routine is complete you need to prime the skin and one of the best products that helps to blur the skin and smooth out wrinkles is a silicon primer. You don’t need to apply primer all over your face you can focus just on the areas with the deepest lines – which are usually around the eyes and or mouth.”


Apply foundation using a beauty blender


“After you have applied primer I find that using a beauty blender – a type of makeup sponge – to apply foundation or tinted moisturiser achieves even coverage and prevents the foundation from settling into the lines. You can apply a translucent powder on the nose, forehead and chin but only if you absolutely need it, if not, skip powder. Too much powder will only emphasise the wrinkles.”


Emphasise the eyes


“Making a feature of the eyes is a great way to take the focus away from wrinkles but it’s important to use the right products. Steer clear of liquid eyeliners as these will bleed into the lines, heavy kohl pencils are also a no go, so instead try lining the eyes with a matt eyeshadow or a gel pencil liner and keep these to the outter corners of the eyes to maintain a wide awake look. Curl your lashes and apply a lengthening waterproof mascara so it stays put.”


Blush and highlight


“Using a bright blusher with also keep you looking fresh and it can take years off. I would recommend trying a cream blush as these blend out nicely and keep you looking dewy and fresh. You can also dab a very small amount of highlighter onto the high points of your cheeks but again don’t overdo it.”


Line the lips


“It’s important to line the lips with a lipliner as this helps prevent your lipstick from bleeding. I recommend lining the lips in a shade lighter than the lip colour you plan to use, then get a clean lip brush and blend the edges of the liner to smooth it out, this will give the impression of a fuller lip. Apply your chosen lip colour all over, blot your lips on a tissue a couple of times and then reapply the lip colour and this should help keep it all in place. I would avoid lip glosses if your lipstick is prone to bleeding into the lines.”


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