The science behind what happens to your body in your 30s

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When you’re enjoying the boundless energy of your teens and twenties it can come as a shock to suddenly notice tiredness and other signs of ageing in your mid-thirties and beyond. But it’s a natural part of getting older and there are natural ways to help slow this process. 


Ageing starts from the moment our bodies lose the efficiency to repair all the damage that occurs in daily wear and tear and that damage starts to accumulate. This can start in our thirties or as early as our twenties depending upon lifestyle factors.

These include: Heavy drinking, late nights, smoking and eating a diet which is poor in essential nutrients. 

However, it is a very slow, gradual process and we usually see those first signs in our mid-thirties.

This age also generally coincides with a huge increase in responsibility, we find ourselves with a lot more on our plates to cope with than before, whether in the form of family commitments, career progression, personal projects or all of the above at once.

This combined effect usually makes us feel that we are not quite looking or feeling our best, or that it’s more of a struggle/effort to do so.


How can I slow down premature ageing? 


There are some surprisingly easy ways to slow premature ageing. These include getting eight hours of quality sleep as often as you can and making late nights out a weekends-only thing.


Why taming stress is crucial for good health and gorgeous skin 


Stress management isn’t just a lovely thought – for great and long-lasting health it’s a priority.

If you’re struggling with stress do everything you can to tame it.  Yoga has been proven to make a difference, but you can also try meditation and seeing a professional.

Stress ages you prematurely and is a major factor behind a large number of serious diseases. Worrying constantly burns up the body’s store of the master mineral magnesium. This leaves you feeling permanently tired – which of course has an adverse affect on how you look. 

You can help counterbalance some of this by snacking on magnesium-rich dark chocolate. Pumpkin seeds, almonds and dark chocolate are also good sources of this anti-stress mineral. 


Lifestyle changes will help with premature ageing


It’s one thing being at your first post-university job and heading out for cocktails with your colleagues every night after work. But once you hit your thirties our bodies simply can’t process alcohol as well. You’ll notice that hangovers become worse and that you can’t drink as much as you used to. 

Alcohol does age you prematurely. And this shows up in your skin as well as you being easily irritated and fatigued the day after drinking.

The best thing to do is adopt a no alcohol on weeknights policy to give your body a break. 

And, if you’re still smoking cigarettes in your thirties, now is the time to think about stopping. 

Both alcohol and cigarettes burn up essential nutrients that the body needs to work at optimum efficiency. 


Why a regular skincare routine is about more than looking good 


The days when you could fall asleep with your makeup on are long gone. Adopting a morning and night beauty routine will help to keep your skin smooth and healthy-looking. But it will also serve as a time in the day that’s just for you. 

There’s nothing quote like finishing work and showering away the day. Lumity’s Facial Oil includes 32 botanicals. It’s 100% natural and backed by the same science as the supplements. 

It will help to moisturise skin all over your body, plus taking a few moments to deeply inhale the aromatherapy oils as you massage them into your skin will serve as an active meditation. 


A nutrient-rich diet and regular exercise will keep early signs of ageing at bay 


Living on sugary treats and fast food can mean unwanted weight gain, plus refined sugar leads to a process called glycation. This not only causes wrinkles but it will make you feel extra tired as your energy levels rise and then fall. 

The answer is swapping your unhealthy treats for healthy versions.

And, if you can manage to do just half an hour of exercise a day – whether that’s walking the stairs instead of taking the lift, or making a point to go to a class at your gym – your body will thank you for it.  


Why we think you should embrace your age 


Getting older is a fact of life and we truly feel that embracing it and all the wisdom and confidence that comes with age is the most empowering decision that a woman can make. If you’re worried about turning 40, don’t be. As Mary Berry told us, it’s no age.

Rebecca Adlington hasn’t even reached her 30th birthday yet and she told us that she’s already so much more confident and has beaten the bullies that ruined the early days of her career. 

Each year that ticks by is cause for celebration: The present is … you made it! 

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